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9 Benefits of crying

We all read and talk about the wonderful benefits of laughing but never about crying. It seems we have forgotten that everything negative has something positive about it.

Crying surprisingly has quite a number of advantages,  namely:

1. Without crying ,we would all go blind

Tears serve as lubricants to the eyes. A dry eye is probably a blind eye and a very itchy one.

2. There are toxins that we flush out when we cry

Toxins are obviously bad for our health and crying is a great way to detox.

3. Crying is a great way to relive stress

This is a personal observation. I always feel less stressed after a good cry.

4. Crying is also a great sleep medication

Apart from the occasional headache crying gives. It’s always certain that sleep follows almost immediately after crying. If you can’t sleep, beat yourself up, after crying you should sleep.

5. Crying helps you grieve

After every loss, or break up, or failure, cry. Lock yourself up in your room or in a shower and just pour it all out. Cry till you feel your tears are used up. This is good because you’ll come to terms with your grieve. Crying helps you accept how you really feel and thus speed up the healing process.

6. Crying makes you feel better

Ever notice how after a good cry it’s almost as if a huge weight has been taken off your shoulders? Yes. Crying does that. It sorta ends your suffering and let’s you let a lot of things go.

7. Crying makes you appear vulnerable

This is a good thing. People relate more with vulnerable type of people. People will think your soft and approachable and want to confide in you.

8. Crying also helps you get away with a lot of things

I don’t know about you but crying has gotten me out of a lot of funk. You can fake cry yourself out of a lot of hassles in life.

9. Crying makes you strong

Contrary to the popular belief, crying actually makes you strong. No one will think you’re a sissy when you cry over something that hurt you. On the contrary, people find others who are unable to cry, pretty scary. Girls love guys who are not afraid to express their emotions and maybe shed a tear or two.

I hope you’ll cry today.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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