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Tips on how to improve your relationship

Most relationships these days fall apart right before the couples very eyes. They start to drift apart because of some minor issue and before they know it, a great chasm is created and they break up due to irreconcilable differences. Here are the tips on how to improve your relationship.

Most times, these minor issues arise due to


When you or your partner find it hard to forgive, your relationship will suffer. You will start to withdraw emotionally and start building up walls to protect yourself from further hurt.

Lack of time

Yes, we live in a busy world, but you knew that before you both decided to date. The moment you let all the busyness get in the way and you or your partner forget the other exists, someone will start withdrawing emotionally. Relationships are like flowers. You have to water, trim and take care of them constantly. With slightest neglect, weeds will overshadow them.


No body likes to be disrespected. If you treat your partner callously, resentment will creep in and that will lead to withdrawal, if not worse.

Lack of attempt

We all know that people often give up when they believe it won’t work. So when you stop making attempts to make the relationship work, your partner will feel neglected and ultimately believe it’s only a matter of time before you walk out the door. So they start to withdraw.

What to do if you notice any form of emotional withdrawal from your partner or even yourself?

Communicate! Communicate!! Communicate!!!
This can NEVER be over emphasized. It is the key to any successful relationship. So talk. Talk about how you feel, talk about what they did wrong. Talk about how they hurt you. Avoid miscommunication and just express yourself.

Try to work on yourself

Admit it, no one is perfect. If your relationship is suffering, it might be your fault as well as your partners. So look inwards, what are your bad habits? Try and fix them. And if you feel you have none, ask your partner to point them out. Do well to just listen to them talk, try not to argue.

I should probably add; if you’re not ready to change don’t even bother with this one.

Love unconditionally

Yes love. Love with your whole heart. Stop trying to pay back all the time, learn to let some things go.

I know that can be really hard, but you can do it.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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