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Be creative, speak your truth, write about your culture and tribe, create something meaningful and get paid writing for provides a new and refreshing way to relate with the millions of beautiful people who live and do business in Port Harcourt and of course, by extension Rivers State. We are about everything Port Harcourt, the business, the politics, the gossips, the entertainment, the education … we are about you. Write creative posts, speak your truth, write about your culture and tribe, create something meaningful and get paid writing consistently for

Write about everything

You can write about your day-to-day experiences at work, at church, school or that bole woman in your area or that event you just attended or the taxi driver who told a joke. You can write to inspire someone. Write about your culture. You can write about everything in Port Harcourt and Rivers State including your likes and dislikes.

Publishing on offers you lots of benefits

Writing and getting published on offers you several benefits. Your name will be placed in front of your friends, establishing you as an expert and enabling you to share your thoughts, ideas, experiences with over ten thousand people who follow our website and social media accounts.

Once you are consistent, you will be paid based on agreed terms and conditions.

If you are consistent enough we might as well create your own column if you would like that. You will also be paid.  And once in a while we plan to have a get-together for our community of writers and loyal followers.

Join Us Now………

Send your articles to



  1. Send your articles only as Microsoft word document and not in the body of the email.
  2. Please re-read and edit your articles free of errors or typos.
  3. Your articles should be not less than 350 words and not more than 750 words.
  4. Include your name and what part of Port Harcourt or Rivers State (if you live outside Port Harcourt) that you are writing from.
  5. Include a brief bio (who you are and what you do).
  6. If you are on Twitter, include your handle.
  7. So once your article is published share it with your friends and followers.

Once your article is published we shall notify you via your email and tag you on Twitter or Facebook.

Let’s have fun Port Harcourt!

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