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Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Ever heard of Phantom vibration syndrome? You might not have, but I bet you have it. Phantom Vibration syndrome or ringing (PVS or R) is the perception that ones phone is vibrating or ringing even when it Isn’t.

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re sitting at work, or seeing a movie and you hear or feel your phone ring or vibrate, then you reach for it in your pocket and realise it isn’t even there. You just experienced Phantom vibration or ringing.

Majority of cell phone users experience PV. We use cell phones a lot and it almost becomes an extension of ourselves, it’s as if we are always ready to expect a call or a text, so we hear or feel something and just think “someone’s calling me or texting me”
Most times no one is, it’s just PVS

Scientists are not even sure if this can be classified as a sickness, but they found that many people experience the false sense of receiving calls or texts and they claim this syndrome is caused by “learned bodily habits”

You know how you can get so used to wearing glasses or even a wedding ring? That’s how it is with our Phones, we get so used to them ringing or vibrating, we always have them in our pockets or we’re constantly holding them, so it becomes a habit and our brain starts misinterpreting little things like: leg muscle spasms, wind movement or some sort of pressure as Your Phone Vibrating.

PVS can also be caused by anxiety, there are so many technologies today, we expect emails, tweets, and the likes so we tend to get jumpy and feel things that aren’t there, we are always anticipating a text so we are always ready to jump at our Phones at the slightest inclination.

Some people think there’s nothing wrong with having PVS, other people think there’s everything wrong with it.
People who are worried about PVS have good reasons to be, it is believed that you’re more likely to have PVS when you react emotionally to texts; meaning it’s almost as if you depend on text messages.

Extroverts and Neurotics are the two people who should be worried the most. They are the two people who are prone to react emotionally to texts.

Extroverts have many friends so they always expect a call, text or message from their Facebook.
Then the Neurotics, they fret about their social relationship, they worry about each text so they are always eager, too eager to reply, these set of people are the ones who act as if each text brings with it social doom if they don’t reply within seconds.

If you have PVS like I know you Might do and want to manage it, just try carrying your cellphone in a different position, use a different device or turn off the Vibration mode.

I hope that works for me because I’ve got it bad.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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