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No enough places to hangout in Port Harcourt

Port harcourt grows more beautiful with each passing day, Wike really is working. My only problem with Port Harcourt city now, is that there isn’t enough places to hangout.
Last public holiday, I went to Port Harcourt Mall with my friends to buy something. On arrival to the mall, we where greeted with so much crowd, it was around 8 o’clock but there where so many children at every turn. Honestly it was a madhouse that day.

I really don’t blame those kids though, Port Harcourt city might be one of the biggest towns in Nigeria but there are just two places you can go to have fun, Port Harcourt mall and Genesis Deluxe cinemas. It would have been 3 places but no one goes to Silverbird Cinema any more.

Every holiday or weekend, kids troop into Spar as if it’s Disney wonderland and Genesis is so full you’ll be lucky to find an empty sit.

We have bars, clubs and hotels in abundance in this city, but there is no single amusement park, no fancy garden you can take your family for picnics. We need them and we need more ice cream and yogurt parlors other than Yogo Berry and Nibbles.

Someone really needs to come up with cool ideas to make our afternoons or weekends fun in this Pitakwa. I can’t be walking around Spar aimlessly just to look for some form of excitement. It’s really embarrassing.

So, until someone comes up with some brilliant and new fun hang out, if it’s a public holiday, it’s best to just sit in your house, order Pizza from Piazza or Debonairs, call your friends and make sure they bring wine, or fuel your generator, or watch TV and disturb your whole neighbourhood with your friends. That’s if you want to avoid getting stampede in Port Harcourt City.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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