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Two Life Most Critical Choices

Anytime I am opportune to speak and share my experiences with youngsters, I try as much as possible to help them understand how critical the choice of a career path is in terms of how it affects our overall success as individuals.

Life is full of choices. However through personal study, I have come to a personal conclusion that there are just two choices that affects our overall success in life – the choice of a career path and the choice of a life partner.

If any of these two choices are made carelessly, the resultant effect is tantamount to causing irreparable damages to one’s future.

I’m not saying this to scare anyone but just trying to keep the record straight.

The truth of the matter is that majority of the people who are struggling the most today, who are not happy with their lives are people who did not make or are not making wise decisions as regards their career and/or family life.

Quality information is what is required for making sound decisions in life. The quality of information you have on any subject determines the quality of decisions you make in that line.

This is why I have devoted part of my life to provide individuals with the right information for making one of this life’s most critical choices.

This is why I created the facebook community, CAREER AND LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE. On this platform we share quality information whose chief aim is to serve as a guide to help you make one of life’s most critical choices.

This Sunday, the 23rd of October, our first master training course EVOLVE™ will be launched. I shall taste-run the program by taking the members on a free one week experience by way of introduction.

Join us Now on facebook.

I strongly believe in you!


Prince Chinedu Okwuosa is a writer, author and career strategist.

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