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Things you need for NYSC camp

NYSC camp is on the 24th of November 2016 and I’m super excited. I don’t know about you but I’ve waited for this moment for a long time, so I’ve already started packing. This is what I think everyone going to the National Youth Service Corps Camp should have in his/her box. (Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy)


Yes, I’m starting with that. My friend came back from camp 50 shades darker, I don’t want that, so I’m definitely going with a sunscreen. Boots Luminese sunscreen is what I have in mind, it’s really good.


We all know how hot the sun is these days, so get your Ray bans on and get going. I will like to add, as advised, always have your face cap on in camp to avoid sun burn.

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(Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy)

Deet or mosquito net

For those with super sensitive skin like mine, go get a deet; it’s a cream that keeps mosquitoes away, if you can’t get that go with a mosquito net. You don’t want to be feast for those worrisome insects. Do you?

Fanny pack AKA waist bag

NYSC said we should come with this and we just have to. It’s really important. You safeguard your money there.

Immaculate White shorts, Polo and sneakers

White, not, it-was-white or milk coloured short, polo and sneaker. Make sure its White!

Mufti, which should consist of Jean shorts, Jean trousers, two polos and maybe a gown


I hear things are really expensive in camps so make provisions to have a lot of money if you want to live well for that 3 weeks.

(Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy)


Milk, Milo, corn flakes etc… This is another secondary school boarding house guys so go loaded. Don’t forget your plate and spoon.

Don’t forget Bedsheets and pillowcases either


Remember you’ll be sharing toilet and bathroom, so please take dettol, even Izal if possible. Take a lot of tissues, I promise you, you won’t use it alone.

Keep your laptop at home!

It’s even a risk going with your Iphone, they rob like crazy in camp- according to my sources. Did I miss anything? Let me know.

I am, @Lord__Nina

(Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy)

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