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Tips on Loneliness

There’s a huge difference between Loneliness and being alone. We choose to be alone, maybe because we need to think or just because we want to be. Loneliness on the other hand is being alone and hating it. 

Loneliness creates a certain void

You feel empty and isolated from the world. You try to relate with loved ones but feel cut off from them. You feel something isn’t right but you can’t explain what it is. Sometimes, loneliness gets intense, you feel great pain and deprivation. Other times loneliness comes because you just feel physically separated from friends or families due to distance, and then there are times you’re with people but feel socially withdrawn because you don’t know how to reach out to them.

We all feel lonely sometimes and that’s okay, but it becomes worrisome if you begin to feel trapped in your loneliness.

Lonely people have one thing in common and it’s called “doing nothing”
They tend to think the feeling will go away eventually so they do nothing until the feeling swallows them. They sit there feeling helpless all the time and this ultimately this leads to depression.

My advice to lonely people? Snap out of it, I know it might be hard but you just have to. How do you do that?

Admit you’re lonely
Admittance is the first key to healing. Realise loneliness isn’t supposed to be a normal feeling. Most times we don’t even know what is making us feel lonely, but when we find a way to express ourselves, we’ll also discover the reason for our loneliness. And that will help us fight that feeling. Find a way to express yourself by writing, singing, talking about it with someone. Trust me, you’ll feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulder.

Do something
Go from passive to active. Loneliness is a passive feeling. The moment you decide to change that, you’ll find out that you’ll feel better. So talk to people who understand you, call people when you miss them. If you feel lonely because you lost someone, find a way to express your grief, instead of wallowing in it and try to focus on the good times. The important thing is to move from passive state to an active state if you want to overcome loneliness.

Get Involved
Another way to leave that passive state is to go out. Join a club, travel… Do something, stop feeling so helpless and do something fun. Make new friends, try to laugh. Even if you don’t feel like it, you have to push yourself until you find something you love to do. Look for things that give you pleasure and do them.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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