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My problem with Spar And MRP

Port Harcourt Mall opened last two years. When it finally opened, we were all glad. With it came the popular Spar, Film house, Spice route, Debonairs and other great stores.

Moving on, I’m excited about Spar, but I just have to ask, “What is up with Spar’s food?” I love their cake, muffins and chicken lollipop. But their food, especially the rice, it’s like it’s bi-polar. It’s really tasty one day but an absolute apology the next day. Is it because it’s cheap?

Still talking about Spar, how come they claim to give us discounts all the time but the prices still remain the same. Spar would sell a product at N299 while its N300 in other stores. And I ask, has Spar ever given you a change of 1 Kobo or N1? Why even bother with claiming to discount when we all know it’s the same price. N1 is no discount.

Mr Price
Their price ranges from utterly outrageous to hmm… yet they claim the prices are so low we won’t believe it.  No Mr price, N4,800 for a bloody short is expensive. If I’m shocked, it’s because the price is so high. Now I probably would have just shut my mouth and accepted that price but the thing is, your clothes and jewelry are so weak. They fray and fade almost immediately.

It’s really heartbreaking. You buy a cute piece of jewelry and the first day you put it on, the colour fades away and the beautiful gown you buy starts to fray at the second wash. Totally disheartening.

Ooh! Another thing, MRP, please we need more size 16 clothes. Do something about your shopping bags. They are cute but tear instantly. We Nigerians love our waterproof bags, so please, do something as soon as possible.

I don’t think I have any problem with the other stores in Port Harcourt mall. If I do though, I’ll let you know.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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