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10 Tips for flawless face

I feel the face is the most important part of the female body, so it’s necessary to keep it in prime condition. Don’t joke with your face. Its very important you take care of your face with these 10 tips for flawless face.

That said, here are 10 tips to having a flawless face;

1.  Use only mild skin products to wash, cleanse and tone your face day and night. Please avoid products with alcohol.

2. Use the right product

Most products have specific purposes, don’t just randomly pick products and use them because they worked wonders for your friend. Find out your skin type and use products made for you.

3. The skin around the eyes is tender, so be gentle

Don’t thug and don’t pull on that skin. Avoid harsh creams that cause wrinkles around the eyes.

4. Try and avoid the sun

I know this one might be hard to avoid, so please use a sunscreen before stepping out.

5. No to bacteria:

Stop touching your face all the time. Go through your makeup purse regularly and get rid of old stuff and wash your brushes regularly.

6. See a professional

Thank God for the internet and YouTube. Now we know how to make facial masks. But the specialists will always have trade secrets they’ll never share, even if they share it, they are called skin specialists for a reason, so try to visit a dermatologist regularly or hit the spa more than you used to, get a facial, pamper your face the right way by a professional.

7. Make up

Use the right makeup, make sure it isn’t expired too. Learn to apply make up lightly in other not to clog your pores. And at the end of each day, remember to wash off all that make up, since regular soap cannot wash it all off, use a mild makeup remover.

8. Eat right

Diet helps Make or Mar your skin, if you eat well it will tell on your skin. So stick to healthy foods, eat fruits and veggies and drink a lot of water.

9. Sleep well

Your body needs to rest so make sure you get at least 9 hours of sleep daily.

10. Patience: Good things take time you know. So take it easy with your skin, when using a new product give it time to start working, don’t just expect to see changes after a day, it’s not magic

I assure you, if you do all I’ve listed above, your face will thank you.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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