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Automatic transmission change on your car and what caused the damage

The major cause of most of these gearbox break down is mostly lack of proper due service, wrong fluid service, where the wrong fluid is used and overfilling of fluid into the gearbox. We have seen situations where car owners avoid doing the required regular transmission fluid service on their cars for years with the excuse that the car was bought from overseas without even realizing there is a huge population of negligent car owners oversees who don’t service their cars immediately it is out of warranty.For instance, this 2006 Acura MDX was serviced regularly but it was serviced very wrongly. The wrong auto transmission fluid was used continuously and it was always overfilled by over 200%. Imagine that! The former technicians didn’t even know the proper transmission fluid to use. They didn’t even know the right amount of fluid to fill in.

The consequences of these negligent actions were the car’s transmission seals were busted and overheating over time took place inside the gearbox. Most of the internal sensors got damaged. External sensors such as the 4th an 3rd gear pressure switches, clutch pressure solenoid sensors, main drive shaft sensor were badly damaged. While draining off old fluid, a lot of metal shavings came out from the drain hole. This showed a lot of wear and tear going on inside due to excessive friction.

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