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Tips for couples in Port Harcourt

Marriage is an institution created by God between male and female. It is a holy ground because God created it. God is always present in marriage. Marriage is a blessing, always remember when facing challenges together. Marriage is based on trust. Trust each other and tell each other the truth. Marriage is all about meeting needs. The main purpose of marriage is to help each other to fulfill God’s purpose and mandate in life. Others are for procreation, purity, pleasure, partnership, companionship etc.

Cultivate Quality Character in Marriage

Its character that will sustain your marriage. It is character that sustains beauty and destiny. Find out certain negative threats that are capable of destroying your marriage. Character is God likeness. Underlying factor of character is Control. Learn to exercise control.

Take care of your appearance

Look very handsome and beautiful for your wife and husband.

Marriage Finance is important

It is good as a couple to invest in landed properties. This is because it’s safe. Every income should always be divided in these three, Consumables, Savings and Investment. As a couple, you must have savings. The savings should have a life time and a name. There must be purpose for the saving and it must be strictly adhered to. The couple should decide on the best possible way to manage their finance, whether jointly or individually.

Communication is life wire in marriage

Talk freely to your wife no matter the situation.

Don’t be proud. Say you are sorry whether right or wrong.

Your wife advice should be suggestive, ‘May I…..

Why do marriage fail

Ignorant makes marriages fail. Follow God’s word concerning marriage despite all challenges.

Dos and Don’ts in Marriage

* Don’t ever tell anybody your wife or husband weakness or expose it to people. It kills marriage

This is a sincere advice from a married man.

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