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Why you need a mentor to succeed

Mentorship is indispensable for you to succed in anything you are doing in Port Harcourt. You need somebody that knows how and hook up to him or her. Mentorship is a vehicle that grant you speed in everthing you do. Being a prodigy to a mentor is being a beneficiary of the wisdom and experience of your mentor so that you can get to where they are and even beyond. Mentorship provides a road map that make the joiurney of life so easy. It is example that make life so easy. Who are you looking unto? Or are you looking on the internet alone?

Who is a Mentor?

Mentor does not give money but gives you what money cannot buy. They give you hook and not bread. Mentor came from a man called Mentor in Telemachus, that took care of the city when the king is absent. A mentor is a wise and trusted teacher or counselor. A mentor is somebody that helps you to get to where they are and beyond. He is somebody that has the best of your interest in heart. He is somebody that has what you desire and he is ready to give you free assess by his instructions.

Why do You need a mentor

For a Covering.

Godly mentor are gods over your destiny.

For a Role Model.

You need a tangible, touchable, seeable example. Your dress, carriage, talk, appearance and everything is a reflection of who your mentor is.

For a Shephard hood.

The main job of mentor is direction. He leaded you in the path that you should follow.

Whatever you will become in life is in the hand of your mentor.

For Instructions.

Directions tell you how to go, instructions command you to take steps. The instructions of your mentor will always add value to your life.

For Speed of accomplishment.

They will always tell you their testimony. They will tell you every thing about their life. You don’t have to make the same mistakes as your mentors. You don’t have to create a new land mark. The have created it for you. Say what they say, do what they do.

For the flow of Grace

Another word for grace is enablement, capacity, capability and unction. You receive this from your mentor.

Whatever is working in the life of your mentor will be working in your own life.

If it is not working, you are not following your mentor.

For Blessing.

It is empowerment for access into what God has for you. Without contradiction, no circumstances, no challenge, recession, hardship or devil can stop your blessing when your mentor blesses you.

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