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A special word to all youths in Rivers State

First, I have traversed all nooks and crannies of Nigeria preaching Youth Emancipation, liberation, freedom, empowerment, enlightenment and inclusion.

DEAR YOUTHS IN Rivers State- Do you know that:

  • There is strength in the unity of youths any where and at any time?
  • Do you know that the greatest enemy of the youth is that politician and traditional ruler, who dictates for the community on who becomes the Youth President?

Tell me, how many times have you (the Youth) been asked to direct the Chiefs on who becomes a Paramount Ruler or chief of a compound or clan? Don’t allow anybody to use you for his selfish interest.

My youth, are you aware that in you lies the key to your total freedom from poverty and exclusion?

Youth, can you advise yourselves that it had rather been you unbiasedly making a choice of your leaders than letting a particular chief, political leader or millionaire directing you on who becomes your Leaders?

Can you guys for once be open to the reality that the mass hunger (No jobs, no contracts, no stipends, no recognition, no inclusion, etc) in the midst of plenty in our land is the deliberate machination and concoction of these selfish people you call your leaders?

You are responsible for your future. Be wise.

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Let me conclude but not end yet:

If you are from any community in Rivers State that are presently going into Youth Elections and you are a youth, then LISTEN- you know that person that is traditionally rooted. You know him/her who can go get it for you. You know that person who can muster courage to say, Chief, Honorable, Sir, please, the youths have suffered a lot, let us have our way, let us have jobs, let us have contracts, let us have empowerment, let us have education, etc.


That is the way to go.



Ambassador Godspower Igwe,

Spokesman Rivers State Youth Federation and Nigerian Member,

SDG Youth Ambassadors of Africa.

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