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How certain rich man helped people who ordinarly will beg him for money

A very wealthy man has lots of neighbours who beg him for money. The man, as his custom is, always helps with cash and bags of rice. Suddenly, he discovered that if he continues like this, he will be wearied out someday because the needs and wants of these people never seems to end. He began to think of how to help them. This articles highlights how this rich man helped his people in his community who ordinarily will always beg for money.

He opened agricultural enterprise for these people and employ them


Some of these people live in rural areas. So he thought of what can these people do. He discovered that they are subsistence farmers. He acquired large hectare of land and planted cassava and other crops using these people, experts and some other farm machines. He also opened a Garri factory in his community to process the harvested cassava from his farm. The only people who works in his enterprise are the experts and the community people. He placed them on salary every month and ensures that they are productive. He invested in the people. Today, in that community, he is celebrated with many chieftaincy titles.

He also employ their youth to work in cities


The community educated and technical youth are also employed in the city of Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja. They work in his companies in these cities along with other experts within Nigeria and beyond. There is a popular saying that you should do business professionally and not necessarily with friends and family. He has learned the art of ensuring that the jobs are done not minding if you are his son, brother or cousin. His excellent management principles as regards managing these relationship is one of the secrets of his success in business.


If many rich men and women in Port Harcourt and Nigeria in general can emulate this rich man, and learn from him how he manages his business as regards helping people, of surety, poverty and unemployment will be reduced in Nigeria.

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