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What legacy shall we bequeath if we speak not now and die in slavery in the Niger Delta?

At age 28 precisely, 23rd of February, 1966, Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro of blessed memory demonstrated to the world the injustice and the oppression of his people by the Nigerian Government with very few Lieutenants, resources and support. Yet, they made an historic impact on the sands of revolution we celebrate today.

Chief Harold Dappa Biriye, Ernest Ikoli, Melford Okilo, King Alfred Diete Spiff, Ken Saro Wiwa and host of others not mentioned gave their best for the Economic and Political Emancipation of the Niger Delta at their prime age.

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Today, I call on the conscience of every youth, man, woman, elders, traditional rulers and clergies of the Niger Delta to rise up with One Altruistic Voice to match for true federalism democratically without political sentiments.

Today, we have more educated,resourceful, talented, creative,gifted and political oriented people in Niger Delta than yesterday.

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But the question is, what legacy shall we be bequeath to the younger and the unborn generations if we don’t rise up now?



 Is it the endless slavery?

 Is it our Oil feeding the whole Nation while others reserve their resources ?

 Is it the Constitutional robbery meted on us to steal our land and resources?

 Is it our Oil wells owned and controlled by the Northern Cabals with few Westerners?

 Is it Oloibiri sucked and dried as an historical reproach and monument of shame?

 Is it hunger and starvation stirring at the faces of our poor fishers and farmers at the humid creeks of our Delta?

 Is it the ravaged Wetland and the Devastation of our aquaculture?


What legacy then shall we bequeath if we don’t rise up now in unity to match for True Federalism in Nigeria?

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