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Top 3 amazing secret of any successful business in Port Harcourt

I have been studing about businesses in Port Harcourt. Why do some succeed why others struggle to make it. I discovered these top 3 amazing but simple secret of any successful business in the world. They are services/products that meet particular needs, targeted customers and profit.

1. Products/Services that meet particular need

These are the need your business meet. Which ever product or services you provide must meet customers need. The success does not just come from providing these products and services, but positioning your products and services to meet a particular need that the compititors are not meeting yet. The truth is there is no new thing that you may want to create that is not existing one way or another. Great products and services that meet particular needs are secret of successful businesses.

2. Targeted Customers

Who are those people that will enjoy your products and services? You need to identify them and take your products and services to them through marketing. Of course, they want your products and services but they have substitute they are enjoying already. Why will they buy yours now? Does it meet their particular need? This is your competitive advantage and they will love it. There are lots of eateries in Port Harcourt but they all have different compititive advantage. Some sells junks, natural and fresh food. Marketing your products and services through targeted customers is another amazing secret of successful businesses anywhere in the world.

3. Profit

This is money that comes in as a result of your business activities. The income minus cost of doing your business is profit. You must make profit for your business to stay alive. The goal of all businesses is to make profit. So any business that does not make profit with time will surely die. Sucesssful businesses make profit with time.

This is already what you know but the aim here is for you to do something to take your business to the next level. Maybe you are not marketing enough, do something about it. If you need assistant, don’t forget to seek help from the experts and continue learning.

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  1. blake argo says

    Great info! I have found that my success in the business world is due to the fact that I follow the careers of those who are more successful than myself. I have been following the career of Mark Hurd for the last few years now, since he has taken over at Oracle. I have also been impressed with this leadership and ability to turn a company around. I have closely following his statements at OpenWorld 2016 and I am excited for what he has in store. Here is a link to am article about OpenWorld 2016:


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