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Always Stay Contented

My friend got engaged early last year to a guy she dated just 3 months. It was expected. She was drop dead gorgeous with a smoking bod, so we all knew she would get hitched quickly. I was happy for her, ecstatic even but I wanted to be in her position so bad. The guy was tall, dark, handsome, loaded and generous, even took her overseas to propose. To me, he was the perfect guy she wanted.

They started making wedding plans, fixed the date, hired caterers and decorators and paid for hall. It was going to be the wedding of the century.

Ooh! It was all glits and glam. Absolutely something to talk about, it was elaborate.

Two weeks into the marriage, we started hearing different story.

The marriage ended before it could even start. The groom had a lot of things to say about the bride and vice versa. It was an absolute disaster that left everyone flabbergasted. The allegations the ‘groom’ laid on the ‘bride’ left us all speechless and the ones the bride laid on the groom. Baby mamas, lots of them, that she never knew existed, had us all wincing.

I think I was the most shocked. I couldn’t phantom how something that seemed so perfect could crumble so quickly. I thought it had been a match made in heaven. I thought he was the kind of guy i wanted.

I’ve quickly changed my mind. I don’t want a lying, cheating callous pig in my life.

So what’s the moral lesson of this story ?

Stop being so envious or wanting to be like other people

Even celebrities don’t have it so easy, trust me, I know. Yes your life isn’t perfect, but no one else’ is.  I’ve learnt to be contented. I’ve learnt to be grateful for the little i have as long as it makes me happy.

What makes me happy might not be what makes you happy, so find what it is and you’ll be happy. I still don’t know what mine is, but I’m searching and I know I won’t settle for less till I find it.

Don’t rush into anything

My friend ‘the bride’ wanted to be made for life so when she got the opportunity to live the kind of life she wanted, she took it, ignoring the tell tale signs that the ‘groom’ was callous and she’d just known him for 3 months. Believe it or not, you can never really know someone for that short period of time. Let alone someone you want to spend an eternity with. So take your time.

All that glitters is not gold.

Photo Credit to Sabele and Kene’s Colourful Traditional Wedding in Port Harcourt

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