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How To Handle Sexual Harrassment

…Especially in the Higher Institution.

Lets talk about sexual harassment in our society

I know this is not your typical everyday topic but its an important topic nonetheless. Sexual harassment is an aggressive pressure or intimidation typically of a woman in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. We often ignore or sweep the topic aside, people tend to even get uncomfortable when ever the topic is raised. Others think it’s not that serious, but it is a form of bullying and nothing involving coercion is ever ‘not that serious ‘. It is a crime and I think there should be a dire penalty against it.

There are 2 types of Sexual harassment

Quid Pro Quo this for that  and hostile environment sexual harassment


Quid pro quo type of harassment is the type we see in our society these days. It involves someone demanding for sexual favors to gain something like getting job or passing exams and the victim is often threatened with failure if she doesn’t comply.

Hostile environment sexual harassment is basically when ones learning or working environment is threatened, abused, intimidated due to unwanted sexual conducts.
Sexual harassment isn’t just about asking for sexual favors, it comes in different forms. Unwanted sexual remarks, making sexual jokes, commenting about a person’s attributes in a rather sexual way, talking a persons sexual activities with others. Unwanted personal attention, calling or texting the person to make sexual requests and unwanted physical or sexual advances.

It is quite unfortunate, don’t you think, that an academician trusted with the responsibility to impact knowledge would stoop so low, resorting to blackmailing students for sex. This shameless act unknown to some has some major psychological effects on female students and occasionally male students. They get depressed, frustrated, afraid and  anxious. They have sleepless nights, become absent regularly, some even go as far as withdrawing from social activities.

The Solution

Dress decently


One has to be careful in other to ward off such unwanted sexual advances, you can start by dressing a bit more decent so nobody would want to take advantage of you. Stop being overly friendly with all your male lecturers. A formal greeting is more appropriate than always hanging around in their offices, thus giving room for advances you might rebuff. Prevention they say is better than cure.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s your fault that a lecturer decides to victimise you. Sometimes these lectures just pick on you, no matter how obscure you try to be. We might never know what tickles their immoral fancy, but we can at least try to be careful.

Inform your parents / guardians

This should be your first option. Alert your parents or guardians, they might know one or two things or even someone who can help.

Inform your close friends

Your friends would help you through your times of trials and some might even when know a way to end the harassment.

Inform a lecturer

In schools, look for a friendly and possibly a religious lecturer, preferable a lady who would understand your plight. Inform a man with a strong backbone who would help you to either talk to the lecturer or advice you on what to do. There is always a good lecturer who you can approach.

How about harassing your harasser?

This isn’t a tall tale, my 16 year old cousin was sexually harassed. She hide a phone in her bag and recorded the teachers dirty remarks to her and turned the phone over to her principal who fired the teacher after a public humiliation. If a 16 year old could do this, you can do it!

Start praying

If all these fail, you should probably call on God or Allah. Miracles still happen and your case shouldn’t be any different.

I don’t wish for anyone to be sexually harassed but if it happens try to be wise and make the right decisions.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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