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Why network marketing is future of marketing products and services

The world values are shifting rapidly. Job security is fast changing. Many people love working from home and spending more time with family and friends. Starting new business and marketing your products and services and getting results for your investment is not esay as statistices shows that 80% of new businesses fail. So what is the best tpye of marketing for your products and services? Here are the reasons why network marketing is future of marketing products and services in Port Harcourt.

Why will you not buy products and services (that you need) that pay you for buying them? 

Network marketing is promotion of goods and services through beneficial distributors. The keyword here is beneficial. For instanance, La Casera might have 150 million naira per year bugdet for marketing. They may decide to pay street hawkers all over Nigeria 15o million naira as commisions, referal bonus to sell and market their product. These people will make 150 million naira per year and in other to market this product. As a street hawker, why will you buy another subsitute of this product that is not paying me?

Network Marketing is consumer based

You get feedback, acceptablity and many other benefit by involving your custormers in marketing your products. Why won’t you create a system that involve your potential customers in marketing your products and services.

You don’t need to pay any other marketing agency to market your product

There will be no need to pay any agency or media companies to market your products. Maintain your distributors trust and confidence, they will take your products from country to country, city to city and village to village. They want to involve more people to market.

Beneficial distributors will market for you on social media

Social media is one type of media that cannot be tamed easily. People ignore ads on internet these days. When a friend or ralation post it, it cannot be easily ignored.

All products and services can use network marketing

These days, we see certain kind of products in network marketing. A lot of people see network marketing as fraud. They do not believe in network marketing at all. To them, network markenting is like selling ice to eskimos. This is not true. You can sell medical services, free skill acquisitions, leadership & human resource management and social  services through network marketing.

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Very soon, the world will buy products and service which pays them.

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