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Tips on how to write a simple C.V

Something very embarrassing happened to me when I was writing my Curriculum Vitae (C.V), aka Résumé.

I didn’t know how to write it well. I knew what to put in there, but I didn’t quite know how to arrange it. I was a graduate who didn’t know how to write a CV. During that period, I browsed through the internet and for some weird reason – maybe because of my impatience, I didn’t really see any helpful information on how to arrange my C.V. I had to ask a friend to send me a copy of hers and I just copied the sample.

I don’t want anyone to pass through that embarrassing phase, so here are tips on how you can arrange your C.V.


Include your Full name, Full contact address, Telephone number and dialing code, Email address, Date of birth, Sex, Nationality and Marital status. Recruiters are interested in each data supplied here. The recruiter may be looking for married or single employee.


I am seeking ———- position.

I would love a position where I would put my—— skills to practice in order to help the growth of the company.


Higher education: Institution attended, with dates, degree; BA, BSC, etc… grade.

Post graduate education: institution attended with date. Whether Academic course or research degree; any post graduate vocational course taken.

Provide institutions attended and qualification obtained with date, in particular SSCE or equivalent with grades. The recruiter may be interested in certain level of education.


For each work experience, provide name of employer, date, job title, duties involved, skills used and other benefits obtained from the work. Be sure to include unpaid voluntary work as well as paid works, including national service.

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Provide computing Skills, typing skills, driving (include length of experience; add if you have license), ability with foreign languages and social skill.


Provide what is your interest. If you don’t know any thing about sports, music, drama, and other leisure activities, specify it. For instance, your recruiter may be interested in the club you support only to find out that you don’t know anything about it. You have failed.

What of voluntary activities undertaken in your leisure time? State any position/responsibility such in clubs and societies.


Seek your referees’ permission first, give them a copy of your C.V and inform them of the type of job you’re applying for.

Two or three referees is enough. You can  use one of your tutor or lecturer who knows your academic work. You can also use your boss or a senior colleague, or someone who knows you very well.

Remember to keep a copy of your CV handy and neat. And also, you should submit your C.V with an application letter.

An application letter is where you summarize your C.V and give a knock out reason for being suitable for the job you are applying. Try to keep it brief though, your employer don’t have all day to read it.

So, any questions?

I am, @Lord__Nina

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