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How to manage creative people Port Harcourt

“Managing creaive people is an oxymoron. You don’t manage them at all. Instead you provide an environment in which they can be sinultaneously stimulated and protected, challenged and encouraged, exposed and private. Day-to-day, month-to-month management can be measured in its quality by its perceived absence” by Nicholas Negroponte.

I recently have challenge managing creative people who work in my team. It got me researching on how to manage them. I was always having one challenge after another with them. The truth is that creative people are genius. Managing them can be challenging but you have to manage them so that you will innovate and take your business to greater heights. Let me share with you  some tips on how to manage creative people in Port Harcourt.

Don’t ever dictate to them, extract ideas from them

Creative people are full of ideas. They are more idealistics than executioners. They believe that if there is no idea, there is noting to execute. Don’t dictate to them, just extract ideas from them and align it with your mission. They are more confortable when the ideas are coming from them. Stimulate the thought from them. They will bring out the ideas that will transform your business.

Stress ideas more than you stress execution

I shared a video by Karen Oluo on execution  with my team. My team liked it but stressed the importance of ideas more than execution. I realised that for creative people, ideas are more important than execution. They have catalogue of ideas kept in their diaries.

Encouarge them to brainstorm


The first thing my team did was to create a whatsapp group where we brain storm. This is very important, because you have to stimulate the right thought and ideas in them. You have to help creative people generate award winning strategies that will take your business to the next level.

Set clear goals

In 3 months, you will achieve this or that. There is time frame in every goal. It must be achievable and not rediculous.

Make them feel they are the boss but set clear boundaries

They should be in charge. Creative people love making their own decision, doing their job their own way but getting better result. I have always criticize the way lots of things are done because I am creative. Why should I use that method? I can equally do it using this other method. Set clear rules and regulations and let them follow it.

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Do every thing possible not to lose them

It’s very easy to lose creative people in your team. They know they are good, they can get another job. So do every thing possible within your reach not to lose them.

Managing creative people in Port Harcourt is very tasking. You have to be careful and study them to be able to understand what to do.

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