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Benefits of Apples

The Scandinavians called it “the Fruit of gods”. Right from childhood, we’ve been told that taking this fruit, that’s about 5-7 diameters, once a day keeps us away from the doctor. There are nearly 7,500 varieties of Apples grown around the world and they are all highly nutritious. Apart from the fact that Apples are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, they also possess awesome natural benefits and curative properties.

Here are facts you didn’t know about Apples.

Alleviation of Heart disease

Apples are rich in potassium and phosphorus but low in sodium. There has been researches that revealed that people who consume food rich in potassium are likely to escape heart attack.  Apple as a rich source of Potassium keeps heart disease away.

Heals chronic headache

Eating apple heals even the most disgusting headaches. Just remove the upper rind of an apple and portion the inner part, eat a portion with a pinch of salt every morning before breakfast. You will be fine if you do this routinely for a week.

Useful in Dysentery

Apples are therapeutic agents against dysentery especially in Children. Crush ripe and sweet apples into a pulp and give to the child several times a day, about 1 or 4 teaspoons should do, depending on the child’s age. No matter how acute and chronic the dysentery is, this therapy helps.

Treats Constipation and diarrhea

Eating about 2 apples a day will help in proper bowel evacuation.  Cooked or even baked apples are very effective to treat diarrhea.

Helps in Stomach disorder

There are two ways to eat apples when you have stomach upsets.

  • Slice a whole apple and mash it: You can do this by pounding it, sprinkle it with honey or cinnamon and eat it, making sure you crush it properly before swallow and eat it between meals. ( I hope you know you’re not supposed to eat the seeds and stems.)
  • To kick your digestive juices into action, shred apples, mix it with a teaspoon of honey and sprinkle sesame seeds: Eat before meals.


Apples are rich in irons, phosphorous and arsenic and these are highly beneficial in the treatment of Anemia. Half an hour before meal or just before you go to bed, drink about 1kg of freshly prepared apple juice and the results will be beneficial.

Reliefs Rheumatic afflictions

When gout, arthritis and rheumatism are caused by uric acid poisoning, the malic acid in apples neutralizes this acid and gives relief to the afflicted. Just boiling apples to a jelly and rubbing as an ointment to the afflicted area does the trick

Good for Dental hygiene

Tooth decay can be prevented by regularly consuming apples. They have antiseptic influences and are regarded as a natural preserver of the teeth. Apples give the same effect we get from brushing out teeth ( I hope kids don’t see this one, they’ll never brush again)

Apple also heals dry coughs, eye disorder and is taken to prevent kidney stones

There isn’t any reason good enough to make you not eat apples. Thankfully, it’s delicious and not a boring fruit and you can take it any how; raw, as a desert, as salad, cooked or boiled, dried, jelly form, juice, cider or vinegar.

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I once heard Apples where covered with wax for preservation, I don’t know how true that is, but I know sometimes they are sprayed with pesticides, so to be on the safe side, ensure you wash this glorious fruit thoroughly before ingesting.

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