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It’s not love, it’s…


Lust is an intense and sudden attraction to someone you hardly know. Often mistaken for love at first sight because the attraction is so strong you just assume it has got to be love. This happy feeling is often based on fantasy and brought on by passionate attraction. This passion can be all-consuming. Lust comes with an emotion that feels so real, all you think and talk about is the other person and you’re overwhelmed by the physical attraction.

Lust is based on fantasy and easily runs out of steam when you realize your ‘Adonis’ has plenty flaws. Lust comes with the following.


Almost similar to lust but more destructive and distorted, lust will eventually fade but not obsession; it will stick around and grow unhealthier. All you think about is him. He’s all you know and you gradually start to lose your individuality and grow more dependent on him. You don’t even care if you’re rejected; if your ‘love’ is unrequited, you don’t care if you’re the only one still fighting for the relationship. All you know is that you have to be with him even if it means resorting to some sort of violence against him or yourself. You’re actually willingly to do anything and this entirely convinces you that you’re in love. I mean, it’s the only rational explanation for all your irrational behavior right.

Obsession is unhealthy; you’ll only succeed in hurting yourself and making people think you’re crazy.


Wikipedia says this is the state of being carried away by unreasonable passion. Emphasis lies on UNREASONABLE. Infatuation gives a sense of love because you feel smitten. You have an idealized vision of what that person should be and you try everything to impress that person. You’re  nervous around the said person and convinces yourself this is for the better and even though you just met, you’re already thinking about forever. You think constantly not about this person, the way he walks, talks, laughs, chews, sings your favorite song…, pretty insignificant things like that.

When you’re infatuated, every other person feels you’ve lost your mind, but you usually don’t care.


Rebound relationship usually starts immediately after one relationship has ended. You desperately need to stop feeling so lonely and empty. So you immediately hook up with someone else and convince yourself you’re in love because you miss the safety and comfort the other relationship. Rebound love only feels like love because you really want it to. But there are lots of unsettled feelings from the past and they’ll keep making it difficult for you to move on.

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The old relationship will always keep interfering and if you’re sincere to yourself, which you won’t be you’ll know you’re not completely over your ex. So you can’t be in love.

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