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Why you don’t need fancy expensive office to do business in Port Harcourt

“An entrepreneur knows that a start-up needs to focus on little things, not the global strategy, not the big plan. A start-up needs cash flow, not a corporate infrastructure. A start-up needs sales staff, not fancy office space and computer systems.”  What do you need to do business in Port Harcourt? Depending on the nature of your business, you need your work tools, marketing and cash flow, definitely not a fancy expensive office spaces that adds little value.

What do you use your office for?


What do you use your office for?

Why do you need an office space? Is it work place, employee comfort, standard business practice, or contact place. Whatever is the reason for your space, the cost must come from income and not as initial capital investment. The reason you have not started your business is that you have not secured a job to do, not because you don’t have an office space to do it.

Can you still afford the cost of your office space?

You may be in business already with an office space. Have you considered your cost implication of your fancy expensive office space to your business. Are you getting business to cover and maintain your space? Businesses are closing down, so one of your strategy to stay alive have to be cutting cost of office space.

What of virtual office?


Virtual Office could be what you need

If the office space is not a sales point or show room or a place to make money, there are virtual offices that businesses have to take advantage of to stay alive. What is it that the employees do in the office? Can they do it elsewhere? If its possible, give them targets and ensure they do it eslewhere with upmost business confidenciality. You might have to think in this way to save your business.

Focus on things that bring in money

Focus on things that will bring money to your business and strategise on how to reduce costs. Marketing is important for your business. How do you market? Choose your bugdet  and maintain it. Negleting it will not good for your business.

You have to start your business in Port Harcourt. If you are doing business already, you must succeed.

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