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7 Essentials for every handbag

Whether you choose to call it handbag or purse, every proper lady is expected to own one. There’s a popular saying that you can know more about a lady by the contents of her bag. So, unless you want everyone who goes through your bag to think you’re one dirty lady, your handbag should always be cluster free.

Here are couple of essentials for every lady’s handbag/purse

1. Hand-sanitizer

Remember when we had that Ebola scare, how we all took to carrying hand-sanitizers. Well the scare is long forgotten now and everyone has abandoned their hand-sanitizers, but we forget there are still germs everywhere and these germs make you sick, not like Ebola, but sick. So the good habit of moving around with portable hand-sanitizers shouldn’t be completely thrown out the window. Apart from cleaning the hands, they also contain moisturizers which keep the hands fresh, soft and hydrated. So it’s a must-have for every handbag.

2. Pocket paper napkins

These portable tissue papers are packed so cutely and are so light so they aren’t any burden to your bags at all. And they are very useful too. They serve as serviettes when there aren’t any at the moment in the restaurant. They wipe sweaty faces and they are really handy.

3. Make-up purse

We all know how necessary this one is right? Even with all the face primer, matifying foundations and matte ruby woo we have these days. We all know we still have to touch up once in a while to freshen and liven up the face. So every smart lady knows this purse should never be left behind. We also know that even if we end up not needing it, some other lady might be in dire need of an eye pencil.

4. Sunglasses / Umbrellas

Sunglasses are so cool, they make you look cool and they make you feel the same. Because of how uncertain the weather is these days, it’s wise to have a pair in your handbag before heading out. For the same sake of the unforeseen weather, you should also have a tiny umbrella in your bag, depending on how big the bag is. So come rain or shine, you’ll be covered.

5. Wallet

Obviously, this wallet should contain credit or debit card, some loose change, aka vex money, some form of ID, passport photograph and any other thing you feel is necessary.

6. Phone charger and powerbank

I don’t need to tell you why this is essential right. Phone’s battery go from 100% to 0% within minutes now with all the Snapchatting, Instagraming, facebooking, bbming. You get the drift yes. Powerbanks are so necessary these days, so it would be wise for you to own a good one and keep it in your bag.

7. Manicure kit

This kit is undercover. In it, with all the manicure stuff, you should have at least a pair of needles, a tiny pack of thread, hair pins and safety pins. In case there is any clothing emergency, you can quickly run to the rest room and fix yourself up.

With all these essentials, no wonder our bags are so heavy all the time.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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