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If you cannot employ yourself, who will employ you in Port Harcourt?

These times are very challenging. There are lots of people who are without jobs. Those that are working are afraid of loosing their job one day. The question I usaully ask is this, the jobs that are currently available, who created them? The best person to employ yourself is you. If you cannot employ yourself, who will employ you? This article is all about how to discover what to do to better your life.

If you can help your neighbour, you can help many more and demand for payment


Improve Your Neighbourhood

What is it that you can simply do to help your neighbour? Let me share my story with you. I usually throw away my dust bins every morning. Then I realise that one of my neighbour keeps his dirts outside too. I decided to also help him throw his dust bins. While throwing theses dirts, my eyes opened to others in the neighbourhood who also have the same challenge of throwing dirts early morning. Its now challenging to help all these neighbours. If they can pay me, why won’t I help them. I am not helping them to throw these dirts now, but someone comes every morning to collect these waste and he is paid money for offering such services. To get a job is as easy as helping your neigbour and geting paid. The service you may  offer might not be the same one illustrated here, but you can figure out what you can do. If you can do it for one, you can do it for many. Human beings are the same and need your services.

Look arround and see needs and meet it


This is employment opportunity

I have make up my mind not to look for jobs. As I walk around the streets of Port Harcourt, I discover lots of oppurnities that are not white collar job. The challenge is that people look at white collar jobs which are not existing anymore or inadequate. For instance, as I travelled last weekend, our driver was telling us his story. Our tee fare was N 2,000. We are seven in the Toyota Sienna. Our total transport money was N14,000. Because, the driver is on franchise with a popular transport company, the company takes N5,000 for providing their services to the driver. He spent N4,000 on fuel. He is left with N5,000. Immediately, I reasoned that If I get Sienna and go on frainchise, I could generate N5,000 revenue for one such trip. There are lots of these kind of opportunities, just look away from the known ones, you will see needs to met. They are everywhere.

Ask Someone what you can do for them for payment

People always have something that they want someone to do for them. All you have to do is to aquire some skills that is required to execute them. With such skills, asking someone for job is a good type of marketing. You will get yourself a job this away. When you get the job, do the job execellently so that someone will ask who did the job.

There are jobs in Port Harcourt, Rivers State and Nigeria, the only thing lacking is the capacity to do the job. Start from your capacity and improve yourself as a professional.

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