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What kind of person are you?

There are four different type of people who live and do business in Port Harcourt. Those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, those who wondered what happpened and those who don’t even know if anything is happening. The question am asking is ‘what kind of person are you’? Let  me show you what I mean.

Those who make things happen

These kind of people are the activists, executioners, doers and performers. They take the instructions and put action to thoses instructions. They ensure that the job is done no matter the challenges. There is no reason why they will not achieve their goals. For these people, challenges are stepping stones. They do not give excusses, they don’t assume and no half measures. These are successful people you see in Port Harcourt. For these kind of people, it does not matter what type of business or job they are doing, once they believe, they go all out to gather all the necessary information and ensure that the job is done. So, are you this kind of person?

Those who watch things happen

These are people who receive the vision, ideas, instruction and revelation to do something. They are happy about it. They might even start doing something in the first place, but got tired, confused, lazy and overwhelmed with challenges and back out. They now complain, give execusses and say its not possible to achieve this or that result. These kind of people  watch things happen. Another person in the same family, organization, business or even an outsider now make the things happens. These kind of people never achieve any thing. They move from one place to another. Start one business, end it, start another one. They are highly unstable like water. These kind of people never succeed. Are you this kind of person?

Those who wondered what happened

These people never get involved at all. The information came to them. They saw the opputunity, but never get involved. They always say, its not possible. How can that be done. They will give you one thousand and one reasons why its not possible. When the job is done, they wondered what happened?. How did it happen? Are you this kind of person?

Those who do not know if anything happened

These kind of people don’t even know if anything is going on. They are like little babies in mind. They don’t even care to know. What is their business with what is going on in Port Harcourt. These kind of people are highly selfish. They are just only after their sleep. Don’t disturb them. Even if a community is on fire, they don’t even know. These are the most terrible people. You cannot be this kind of person and you are reading this article. No need to ask if you are this kind of person.

The importance of this article is to encourage you to be those who make things happen in Port Harcourt. Share with me what you have been able to achieve in this resent times. Also encourage someone today with this post by sharing it with them.

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