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She who goes borrowing might go on borrowing some more

You wanted it so bad. So bad that it became a need. You prayed about it, you told friends about it but your birthday came and went and still no one got it for you. So you took matters into your own hands and inquired about how much it would cost. It costs quite a lot. You decided to start saving. You’d never save up to that amount, it was just on sale for a few weeks. You knew you just had to get it.But how? You decided you’d borrow from a friend or friends. After all your uncle had promised to give you some money, you could always pay back when you got it.

So you called a couple of “rich” friends but they all had one excuse or the other, this really got you pissed, these where people you helped regularly, why couldn’t they help you? But Just when you were about to give up, you remembered a friend you hadn’t spoken to in a long while and knew you should call her. Feeling stupid you decided against it, how could you just call her up after so many months because you wanted to borrow some money? But you really needed this and you’d pay her back the following week. Pride forgotten, you called her and she sent that money few minutes later.

Your joy knew no bounds, you finally had money for your heart desire and you were getting it that day come rain or shine.And ooh! did rain come, but against all odds you still got it. But to your greatest disappointment, it wasn’t what you had expected and it came with a no return policy. Your heart broke into two.What had you done?

Now you were stuck with a huge debt and something you didn’t even need – or want anymore. To make matters worse, dearest Uncle travels abroad and wouldn’t be home for 6 months. You couldn’t borrow money from your parents or take advance from work because you’d just done that.

A week left to pay up and the migraines starts coming and no one knows why you’ve become so agitated. Days left to pay up, sleeplessness now accompanies the migraines. Where on earth were you going to get that amount of money from within days? You’d contemplated stealing or prostitution but no now, you couldn’t stoop so low.

You started praying again, started calling everyone you knew. D-day is here, you’ve developed a fever and you’re paranoid now. Your phone rings and you’re scared to even look at it, what are you going to say if it ended up being her? Apart from the shame and sorrow, you feel regret too.

This would count as one of the most stupid things you’d ever done. You hated how pensive you’d become and just wished to be free again, free of the debt that hung like a yoke on your neck. Your friend didn’t call you that day or the next and you start to relax, maybe she’d forgotten about the money, but then she calls and you have to lie.

“Send your account details darling, I’m so ill today maybe tomorrow… ” Or  “I’m so busy with work dear, you’ll have it next week please…” A week passes by and she’s sick of your excuses then stops calling when you stop picking her calls. You live in constant fear of your phone ringing and even stop going on any social media. What if she creates a huge scandal on Twitter or Facebook and calls you names? What would all those people who thought you were cool think of you then? You feel afraid now too.

Weeks turn to months and you still haven’t paid up. You don’t pick numbers that arent saved on your phone, as a matter of fact you’ve considered changing your number. You feel so bad, but you’ve decided you can live with both the shame and guilt. I mean, what can you do? You’d pay her back and hopefully with interest.

Finally a miracle happens; you find money somehow to pay her back. As you send that money, you take a deep breath, finally feeling relieved, but shame weighs more. And you know you’ll never be able to face her again.

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So you make a note to yourself: I will never borrow money again. But deep down, you know that’s a lie because the money you paid her back with, you borrowed from another friend.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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