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What type of person are you when it comes to Arguments?

What type of person are you when it comes to Arguments? Take this quiz and find out.

If you’re in a gathering and someone starts saying something offensive about your religion or something else you’re passionate about. You…

  • Shake your head and do nothing. Then tell your friends when you’re alone how stupid the guy really is (1 Mark)
  • Walk away. If you stay there any more minute you might slap the hell out of the person (2 Marks)
  • Challenge them. You don’t care if you have to scratch his eyes out, he just has to shut up (3 Marks)

Your boyfriend/girlfriend starts acting up. You…

  • Hide his/her car key (1 Mark)
  • Get angry and start transferring aggression on every other person (2 Marks)
  • Ask him to stop acting like a kid and tell you what his/her problem is (3 Marks)

How do you make up with your friend when you’ve had a big fight and both of you, think your right?

  • You hate the tension so you’ll call her up to check on her (1 Mark)
  • Run into each other’s arms and cry together, whilst apologizing to each other (2 Marks)
  • As far as you’re concerned she died after that big row (3 Marks)

If there’s a heated debate going on. You’re…

  • Tired of all the noise and really wished everyone would just shut the hell up (1 Mark)
  • Not sure who’s side you’re on because they all have a point, so you don’t know what to say plus nobody will let you talk (2 Marks)
  • Probably the one who started it and everyone has to hear your opinion (3 Marks)

You’ve been queuing forever to use the ATM and when it’s your turn someone out of nowhere says he came before you. You…

  • Allow him, after all you’re still next (1 Mark)
  • Smile and let him use it, then plan to locate him and have boys beat him up (2 Marks)
  • Laugh out loud, he doesn’t know who you are, it’s either you use that ATM next or burn the bank down (3 Marks)

You buy a phone and find out you hate it weeks later. You return it and the shop attendant tells you there’s nothing he can do. You…

  • Go home and look for who to sell it to for half the price (1 Mark)
  • Cry if you have to, make them feel sorry for you until they change the phone (2 Marks)
  • Grab a sit and sit down, it’s either they change the phone or kill you (3 Marks)

If you scored;


All hail the Argumentator.

You love confrontations and you’re always up for an argument. Always has an opinion and believe you’re always right.


You have a balanced view of all situations. You can see the flaw in your reasoning and see the point of others so it ‘kinda’ makes it hard for you to press yours.

Less than 7:

Peace lovers. Confrontations frustrate you. You are probably the one who would start crying because you don’t get to express how you feel for fear it would start a fight.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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