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Why he broke up with you

If you’re reading this, I bet you’ve been in a couple of relationships that didn’t go so well and you’re dying for closure. Yes? Not to worry. I am going to tell you what you probably did wrong, so you can get that closure you crave for so badly. Hopefully, when you know what you did wrong last time, your next relationship will not end so badly again.

Guys were asked what they hate most in women and this is a summary of their answers;

Chameleon attitude

If you aren’t the wild, shy or sweet type, don’t portray yourself as such because if a guy ends up dating you and realizes you’re not who he thought you were, girl, he will leave you and he wouldn’t be wrong to. You used to get all dressed up for him and look sexy but two months into the relationship, you’re wearing ‘bubas’ daily, walking around with unmade hair and nails. The guy is going to feel duped and it will certainly drive him away.


 A guy needs his SPACE…, you have to give it to him, crowding him all the time just shows you’re desperate or too jealous and those are not attractive traits. Show that you’re confident in yourself and your man and let him breathe. He needs his privacy, and he needs to hang out with his guys. If you keep choking your man, he’s going to get tired of you eventually and he’ll run away.

Unrealistic expectations

You know a guy is earning N100k a month and you tell him you want an Iphone, a G-wagon and a new closet. You want him to rob bank ‘abi’? Let me ask you something. What exactly do you want? A good man who loves you or a bank? I get it that we all want the good things in life, but it makes sense if you cut you coat according to your cloth. Try to be realistic in your expectations. Stop wanting too many things and demanding so much, if not, the man will hit the road.


“ Yes babe, it’s okay for you to leave me alone on my birthday and go out with your friends” If you say this to a fellow female, we’ll know you’re being sarcastic but guys are really literary beings. They are not mind readers. Men might not understand all the facial expressions, body language and gestures, so respect yourself and be honest and open. Stop saying one thing when you mean another then snapping at him and causing an argument when he doesn’t understand that you were not serious.

Talking about other men

A guy’s ego is fragile. It pisses them off when you keep talking about this guy or that guy, that ex or that one. They want to feel special and they can’t if you won’t shut up about how great Daniel is. So don’t blame him if he leaves.

Drama queen

Stop nagging, stop pestering, stop whining or wailing about something totally irrelevant. It’s really annoying. It pisses guys off that they come running to your rescue only to find out you’ve fainted over a chipped nail. I read somewhere that drama queens like to play damsel in distress and guys initially find this charming and love being a knight in shining armor but too much distress will eventually send even the most loyal knight to ride off into sunset – alone.

Playing hard and cold

It’s a cold hard world already, it won’t make sense being with a woman who makes the world colder and harder. Men have feelings too, they want to be loved and respected. When you don’t treat them well and give them solace, they won’t like you anymore.


Cheating is any type of deception, it could be the obvious type which is sleeping or dating another guy or it could be by lying or trying to manipulate him. Any form of cheating can be heartbreaking and guys don’t take it likely.

Bad Sex

Guys find sex important, so if the sex is bad and you’re not trying to improving, he may look for another.  If the sex gets boring and you’re not willing to spice things up in the bedroom or if you use sex as a weapon, only consenting to intimacy, ‘when and only when you want something’, your man will get tired and find excitement elsewhere.

Power tussle

Women feel men are intimidated when women are more successful than they are, but the truth is that men feel that way because women start acting rude and generally trying to belittle a man once she feels she earns more. Trying to act smarter, tougher or more independent than a man who you’re in a relationship with is not wise at all. What will you gain by trying to upstage your man always? You will gain only contempt and loneliness because he will dump your pompous ass.

There you have it ladies, some habits men really hate, so if you possess more or one of these qualities, you know what to do.

And guys if you feel I missed anything, please let me know.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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