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Are Lesbians More Accepted Than Gays?

In a vastly homophobic society and with a sentence of 14 years imprisonment for the practice of homosexuality of any kind, there is still some segregation. Lesbians seem to be more widely accepted than gay men. Reality is, with religion as a huge defining factor, homosexuality is wrong. But why do people shrug and barely have anything to say at the thought of girl on girl action while hearing that a man kissed another man would send shocks of revolt down spines. The fact that there is more societal acceptance of lesbians than gay men proves that it is not a man’s world after all.

We live in a patriarchal world, men are taught to be masculine, to be in charge and to lead. As soon as a boy is born, blue onesies are bought for him and as he grows, he’s given balls to play with while girls are donned in pink and handed dolls. If a girl wears baggy clothes and doesn’t use makeup, she is seen as down to earth and fondly referred to as a tomboy. But if a guy wears female clothes and likes to play with dolls, he is mocked, laughed at and called a wimp or sissy… or both.

The male ego is not willing to accept feminity in men. Men were raised to be masculine. That traditional masculinity is what makes it hard for gay men to be accepted. Research has shown that it is mostly straight men that have a problem with male homosexuality, while they are willing to watch women have sex because it is easier to imagine themselves between the women than to project themselves between two men.

Gay men are more prone to violence by heterosexual men because the latter are a disgusted group who can’t fathom why a man would choose to live out his life having sex with another man. They see gay men in 2 groups alone, either as feminine or as trying to make another male feminine. They are irritated by one and scared of the other so neither works for them.

Women are more open and receptive to gay men, as a matter of fact; most of us find them peculiar enough to want them as friends. Women are more sexually open minded than men. The fact that most men get turned on and would pay money to see two girls make out is what is giving more and more women the courage to explore their sexualities. Their feminity has never been under attack or questioned because they are having sex with other women. They are looked upon in awe because when a man sees lesbians, all he sees are 2 vaginas. His brain refuses to grasp the fact that they may not be interested in men. Among straight guys, sex without penises isn’t real sex so lesbians are really just playing around, it’s nothing serious. Besides, Lesbos are super cool to have as friends because they are open.

The way I see it though, as gay men engage in anal sex, I believe every heterosexual male who has anal sex with a woman has a chance of being or becoming gay. Argue with your mirror.

Peace, Love and Chicken grease,

Ms Ssygala, is the mother of two rambunctious kids and blogging is her last line to sanity

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