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Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is unavoidable in pregnancy. 8 out of 10 women experience nausea or vomiting. It’s usually the first sign that tells you you’re pregnant. I didn’t throw up or spit up during both of my pregnancies but I always felt so poorly and developed a bad case of motion sickness. Sometimes I was so nauseous I even tried to force puke out. My escape mechanism is sleeping. I go back to sleep as soon as I wake up because I always feel so lethargic and miserable. There’s something about morning sickness that makes you feel sorry for yourself. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I’d be thinking “why I Lord”. This self pity happens twice in the course of pregnancy for me, in the first trimester and in the last one. As much as I enjoy being pregnant, the beginning and the end just makes me question the need to procreate.

In the first three weeks of my 2nd pregnancy, the queasy feeling just wouldn’t go away and although they call it morning sickness, it went on well into the afternoon and stayed with me through the night. Drinking water even made me sick. I felt so sick and refused to get out of bed. I used to be a big fan of beetroot prior to getting pregnant but drinking the juice or just chewing on it made me so nausous i thought I was going to barf out the baby finally. Based on that experience, I finally understood what our mothers meant when they said, ‘ No 2 pregnancies are the same’. I even felt nauseous drinking ordinary water. After the first month, I knew something had to be done because I wasn’t eating and the only thing my tummy seemed to love was Amstel Malt.

Preventing morning sickness is almost impossible and while after some time, you learn to deal with it you really don’t have to grin and bear it. No need for suffering and smiling. There are remedies.  Something to remember is, even though it’s hard to motivate yourself to get up and get going especially when your morning sickness is horrid, its mostly a mental state and the more attention you pay it, the sicker you feel. Remind yourself that it’s just a phase that would pass soon. Although, some mothers to be aren’t so lucky and experience morning sickness well into their third trimesters.

Eating is clearly important in pregnancy but is so hard to do in the first trimester due to how unsettled the stomach is but the trick is to relax, eat in small portions. Avoid oily, fatty and spicy foods as well and you ought to do just fine.

Here are some easy to find remedies to ease that nasty morning sickness

Go for a walk

Getting out of bed and taking your mind off the nausea is a sure way to feel better. Go for a walk or a swim. Do some stretches. Anything to help you relax, get your heart racing and distract your mind from the unease your body feels

Take Lemon

You can either cut it up and sniff on it or put a slice in some cool water and take little sips. This was my substitute for plain water. It works instantly.

Peppermint sweet or tea… Otherwise, good old trusty tomtom would do the trick.

Toast / crackers. There’s something about the dryness of these foods that just stops every nauseous feeling in its track. Instant remedy.

Ice. I found that chewing on ice cubes was helpful as well. I don’t even know why, but it worked like magic.

Banana Smoothie – when i was hungry but didn’t have an appetite and was tired pf drinking malt, I took to making banana smoothies. Was filling and helped ease the nausea.

Ginger– I hear ginger tea, ginger ale or just popping it raw can help, although I never tried it. Maybe when next I feel a wave of nausea I just might.

If you have any home remedies for nausea, kindly drop them in the comments or if you’ve tried either of these and they worked, let me know. It’s not only pregnant women that get nauseous so these hacks are free for all.

Ms Ssygala, is the mother of two rambunctious kids and blogging is her last line to sanity

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