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10 Topics to Avoid in a new relationship

Communication is the key to any lasting relationship. You have to talk freely and express yourself to your partner if you want your relationship to work.

Do you know how many relationships that bite the dust because of “talking freely” and “expressing yourself”?

Don’t get me wrong, I am pro-communication in any relationship, I believe you should be honest and open but dear females, there really are some information you should keep to yourself.

‘Communicate-away but that doesn’t mean you should utter any thought that comes to your head especially if you’re in a new relationship, so you might want to avoid these topics because they could be hurtful, awkward or super irritating to your partner’.

1.”The Ex…”

For obvious reasons, you can’t keep talking about “the one that got away” or how the present and the Ex have similar traits; whether positive or negative. Just shut the front door and live in the present. If you miss your ex so much why aren’t you with him or her?

2. “I hate your…”

Mum, Dad, siblings, best friend, house, car, dog…

Don’t hate on anything your man loves. Especially if they were there before you. How wise do you think it is to tell your partner that you dislike his or her best friend or mum? Nobody is saying you have to be best buds with his, but be polite and kind to the people in his or her life and treat belongings with respect. Just keep an open mind when it comes to what he loves.

3. “I hate my…”

Being insecure has never been a sexy trait. If a guy walked up to you and asked you out, it’s probably because he was attracted to you, he saw your legs and still liked you, so putting yourself down in front of him and always talking about how you hate ‘those legs’ will make you look pretty timid. You wouldn’t want a timid man, would you? So do you think your man would want to end up with some insecure chic? He might not even have noticed your flaws, so please don’t point them out to him.

4. “When we have kids…”

My friend told me about this girl he dated, who wouldn’t stop talking about how cute their kids would look or how they’ll always be happy even when they were old and wrinkly. This poor guy was just 23, he broke up with her just few weeks after, because according to him, he was scared to death. Ladies I get it, we are females, we love to fantasize about marriage and kids and happily ever after, but there’s  time for everything. Unless you want to scare him away, keep all thoughts of marriage to yourself until maybe he brings it up and you can act like the thought has never crossed your mind. *wink*

5. “I said I’m fine…”

This passive aggressive reply that is common among women has caused more harm than good.  If you’re upset over something, you’re supposed to “communicate freely”  (see into), Saying ‘I said I’m fine’ when you’re angry will only frustrate you and your partner and cause unnecessary friction.

6. “My poo is so stinky…”

Yes, you poop and fart and pee, but does he really need to hear you say that? Why not wait till you’re married or head over heels in love till you can start saying disgusting stuff. Don’t end the honeymoon phase yet.

7. “I’ll do ANY thing for you…”

Would you really? If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.

8. “Is she prettier than me…?”

If he says Yes, you’ll obviously start sulking. If he says No and you know she’s obviously prettier, you’ll call him a liar and wonder what else he’s lying about, and if he somehow manages to convince you, you’ll think he has no taste and wonder the kind of tasteless guy you’re stuck with. So please just avoid this question.

9. “Are you sure there’s nothing wrong…?”

There’s nothing wrong with this question, but asking repeatedly is pretty annoying. It’s normal to probe when we think something is wrong, but sometimes we should just mind our business when he says “I’m okay” and let him be, when he snaps out of it, he’ll talk.

10.”Don’t tell anyone but…”

“Anna has yeast infection, Nkechi has aborted 12 babies, Ada killed a rat…”

Especially if the people you don’t want them to tell are friends, guys don’t like to hear such secrets, it puts them in a fix, unlike girls we know how to deal with secrets better than guys. So keep some of these “gist” to yourself.

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You’ve been warned, so ignore at your own detriment.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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