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How to become a very good motivational leader in Port Harcourt

You might not possess the oratory power Malcom X or Martin Luther had or know how to give ‘badass’ pep talk, but when you’re in position where you’re the leader and you want to make things happen, these few steps will help you motivate people and yourself into action in Port Harcourt.

Negative Consequences

Letting people know the negative consequences of their actions if work is not done well will make them sit up. Do not threaten or use harsh words because it might turn people against you. Make a note to yourself and to others that if you don’t put your head in the game and get your act together, you’ll never get what you want.

Give Pleasurable rewards

As kids, we loved it when our parents gave us little gifts for jobs well done. Believe it or not, we all might not be that young anymore but we still love the idea that we’ll receive gifts if we work well. So provide pleasurable rewards and you’re guaranteed to work with eager and productive people. You can even appeal to their selfish nature and give them performance incentives by creating opportunity for them to earn for themselves by earning for you.

Detailed instructions

Work Instruction

People find it difficult to work with ambiguous people, if you want something done a particular way, let it be known. Be very specific in your instructions. Let people know what’s expected of them so as to work better.

Short and long term goals

“By next month this should happen… By next year this should happen…” Setting this goals will guide the action process and create an overall philosophy

Be Kind

Being kind does not mean you should take insubordination likely. Be firm but kind. If you’re mean, people will happily screw you over but if you’re nice, they’ll want to help you. It is equally important that you give people the trust and respect they deserve so they’ll respond favorably to your request.

Set Deadlines

Set Deadlines

Back in school, (I’ve always wanted to say that) we would have 3 months to submit an assignment and we’d start 1 week to the submission day. Many people are most productive these days when deadline are set, they only start working super hard when they know a deadline is near. So to motivate people, you can set up deadlines that are not really deadlines. *wink*

Team spirit

Team Spirit

When there is a spirit of trust and friendship among a group of people, you’ll notice more efficiency. So create an environment where people feel they are part of a team. This way, they’ll help themselves and try to not be the reason a certain result isn’t achieved.

Recognize achievement

You know how you go to hotels or restaurants and see a picture with an inscription “employee of the month”? That’s a huge motivation. Knowing that whatever you do will not be ignored makes people want to work better. So make sure you commend every effort personally or even in a group setting. Let people know that hard work will pay off.

Understand people

Think about what others need and not just what you or your business needs, when you understand this, you’ll keep people happy and productive.

Concentrate on outcomes

ResultsThe end justifies the means. Give an instruction and let the person do it, whatever way he/she deems fit, all you should care about is that the outcome is how you instructed it to be. Looming over the person’s shoulder every 5 minutes will only hinder productivity. So make room for creativity and let people do things their own way, this will lead to fabulous innovations.

Create challenges

People like to progress, they like to brag about how they accomplished this goal and deciphered that puzzle and faced that difficult task and came out conquerors. Excite people with more difficult task to make them more enthusiastic. Raise the bar a bit higher when someone advances, this will excite people and eliminate stagnation.

Constructive criticism

They say we never stop learning. Most people want to improve and when they are told what they did wrong and taught how to make it better, they’ll take the advice and improve.

Make it fun

My friend Uche loves his job, unlike other people, he loves Mondays, always so excited to go to the office the next day. I asked him why once and he told me his office is the “funnest’ place ever. When work is tedious and boring, it makes everything hard and more stressful than it should be. So mix things up, make things stimulating. You’ll find that if you create a work environment that is fun, people will give in their very best. I know Uche does.


Everything works better when there is good communication flow. So communicate!, Communicate!! and Communicate!!!

Not so hard right?

Try these steps and let me know how it works out for you.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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