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Secrets of happy couples in Port Harcourt

We all have that couple we ‘ooh and ahh’ and ‘aww over’, especially in these days of Instagram and Twitter romance. They always look so happy and no matter how old they are, they always share secret smiles and act like teenagers in love.

So what are these happy couples’ secrets?

You’ll be shocked when you find out.

Pet names

You’ll constantly hear a “babe, bae, sweerie, pumpkin…” or something amongst them. And this works for them because pet names for some reason gives a sense of security and support. Pet names helps you connect and feel intimate with your partner. You’ll notice that these happy couples all seen to have silly inside jokes too. This strengthens their connections and creates more comfort in the relationship.

Their relationship is private


No Outsider is allowed


Relationships are meant between two people (unless it’s a minaj un’trois). The moment you start running to Mum or a best friend to tell them about a crisis or the likes, there might be trouble. Happy couples know this, so they discuss all that happens amongst themselves and decide which one to tell family and friends. No one is saying you shouldn’t visit families but they don’t need to hear every nitty-gritty that happens in your relationship.

They always find reasons to laugh

Secrets of happy couples

Psychotherapists say that humor is the glue that keeps couples together. Happy couples have a great sense of humor, they realize that the moment they can no longer laugh together their relationship might be in trouble. So they strive to be lighthearted, they know what is fair game and what isn’t and this makes them avoid mocking each other.

They don’t fuss about chores

The moment a man develops the “it’s a woman’s job” mentality or vice versa, the relationship might hit rocks. Happy couples give everything they have and more, they give 101% of their time and energy. That means the guy also helps with chores no matter how little, he helps bathe the kids, sweep the kitchen floor or make dinner, he doesn’t make a fuss over helping and the woman wouldn’t mind paying the bills should the need arise.

They save up for fun too

What’s the fun in being in a relationship if you two don’t do fun stuff together. Happy couples know they are humans and need a break from all the hustle and bustle of life, so they save up for the important stuff like college tuition and the likes and also save up for pleasure, so that one day, they can go on an expensive vacation in the Bahamas or do something crazy and fun.

They have super powers

You know how your mum can tell you what to do by just looking at you from across the room? Happy couples have that power too, they can communicate in a room full of people without opening their mouth this makes them feel closer

They do IT Regularly

Sex daily

Now I’m not telling you to go and have sex everyday 3 times a day. Happy couples know sex is essential and helps deepen closeness so they do it, a lot. It could be twice a day, thrice a week, whatever number they chose, they are content and happy and that’s really all that matters. That Enobong has sex 15 times a day with her husband and is happy doesn’t mean Nkechi won’t be happy if she hits the hay once a day with hers. (I’m so sorry for the stereotyping I did above, you see it right?)

No boudoir battle

Happy couples – especially the females- do not withhold sex from their partners as a punishment. They don’t use it as a weapon to get the guy to yield to their whims or to proof a point. They know that doing this will only lead to resentment so If they’re annoyed or have something on their mind, they speak up and clear the air instead of showing their frustration by withholding sex.

They intimately understand each other

Happy couples maintain eye contact during sex, this is like the ultimate intimate move ever and they know that, it helps them relax and open up. They also know that being intimate is more than sex sometimes so they take out time to get to know each other over again, they talk about new things other than kids or responsibilities or chores. The little things matter too.

They are very positive

We’ve all been told countless times to focus on the good and not the bad. Happy couples obey this rule. They always try to put positive energy in their relationship by trying to make the positive side of their relationships outweigh the negative so that they feel good and motivated at all times.

They appreciate

When you stay with someone for a long while you might start taking the person for granted, happy couples don’t let this happen. They are grateful for even the most ordinary things and they show it by dishing out praises and compliments to their partner for even the smallest things, this leaves the partner proud, eager to do more and the relationship healthy and satisfying.

Now you know the secrets of a happy couple, what will you do?

I am, @Lord__Nina

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