Month: September 2016

How To Handle Sexual Harrassment

…Especially in the Higher Institution. Lets talk about sexual harassment in our society I know this is not your typical everyday topic but its an important topic nonetheless. Sexual harassment is an aggressive pressure or intimidation typically of a woman in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving the making of unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. We often ignore or sweep the topic aside, people tend to even get uncomfortable when ever the topic is raised. Others think it’s not that serious, but it is a form of bullying and nothing involving coercion is ever ‘not that serious ‘. It is a crime and I think there should be a dire penalty against it.

Why network marketing is future of marketing products and services

The world values are shifting rapidly. Job security is fast changing. Many people love working from home and spending more time with family and friends. Starting new business and marketing your products and services and getting results for your investment is not esay as statistices shows that 80% of new businesses fail. So what is the best tpye of marketing for your products and services? Here are the reasons why network marketing is future of marketing products and services in Port Harcourt.

Tips on how to write a simple C.V

Something very embarrassing happened to me when I was writing my Curriculum Vitae (C.V), aka Résumé. I didn’t know how to write it well. I knew what to put in there, but I didn’t quite know how to arrange it. I was a graduate who didn’t know how to write a CV. During that period, I browsed through the internet and for some weird reason – maybe because of my impatience, I didn’t really see any helpful information on how to arrange my C.V. I had to ask a friend to send me a copy of hers and I just copied the sample. I don’t want anyone to pass through that embarrassing phase, so here are tips on how you can arrange your C.V.

How to manage creative people Port Harcourt

“Managing creaive people is an oxymoron. You don’t manage them at all. Instead you provide an environment in which they can be sinultaneously stimulated and protected, challenged and encouraged, exposed and private. Day-to-day, month-to-month management can be measured in its quality by its perceived absence” by Nicholas Negroponte. I recently have challenge managing creative people who work in my team. It got me researching on how to manage them. I was always having one challenge after another with them. The truth is that creative people are genius. Managing them can be challenging but you have to manage them so that you will innovate and take your business to greater heights. Let me share with you  some tips on how to manage creative people in Port Harcourt.

Benefits of Apples

The Scandinavians called it “the Fruit of gods”. Right from childhood, we’ve been told that taking this fruit, that’s about 5-7 diameters, once a day keeps us away from the doctor. There are nearly 7,500 varieties of Apples grown around the world and they are all highly nutritious. Apart from the fact that Apples are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, they also possess awesome natural benefits and curative properties. Here are facts you didn’t know about Apples.

It’s not love, it’s…

LUST Lust is an intense and sudden attraction to someone you hardly know. Often mistaken for love at first sight because the attraction is so strong you just assume it has got to be love. This happy feeling is often based on fantasy and brought on by passionate attraction. This passion can be all-consuming. Lust comes with an emotion that feels so real, all you think and talk about is the other person and you’re overwhelmed by the physical attraction. Lust is based on fantasy and easily runs out of steam when you realize your ‘Adonis’ has plenty flaws. Lust comes with the following.

Why you don’t need fancy expensive office to do business in Port Harcourt

“An entrepreneur knows that a start-up needs to focus on little things, not the global strategy, not the big plan. A start-up needs cash flow, not a corporate infrastructure. A start-up needs sales staff, not fancy office space and computer systems.”  What do you need to do business in Port Harcourt? Depending on the nature of your business, you need your work tools, marketing and cash flow, definitely not a fancy expensive office spaces that adds little value.