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10 Facts about fibroid

Someone shared a testimony that doctors found 3 fibroids in her and on the day of the operation she pooped them out.

I didn’t even know that was a huge miracle, because the only time I heard talks about fibroid was that it made a woman unable to conceive.

So for the few ignorant out there like me, here are things you should probably know about Fibroids.

1. Scientists still haven’t found out the cause of fibroids, though they are leaning towards hormonal changes, stress, diet and environmental factors but there is no precise cause yet.

2. Research shows that more than 70% of women are likely to have fibroid especially women aged 40 to early 50s and they do not possess the same symptoms

3. The more a woman ages, the more common it is for her to have fibroid especially one called Uterine fibroid, women aged 30 to 40 experience this one commonly as they go through menopause. Fibroids usually shrinks after menopause thankfully.

4. Fibroids also typically develop at a younger age, grows larger and causes more symptoms. Severely overweight and those who’ve never been pregnant have an increased risk of fibroids.

5. It is very rare before a fibroid turns cancerous, they are mostly benign, they will not increase your chances of having any uterus cancer

6. If there isn’t any horrible symptoms and if the fibroid isn’t hindering you from getting pregnant, it might not be necessary to operate and remove it.

7. Fibroids are the leading causes of hysterectomies; surgically removing the uterus. This procedure, as you already guessed, renders females infertile, so it’s usually the last resort when other therapies that help shrink the fibroid doesn’t work.

8. Fibroids can be shrunk medically by hormonal treatments, ultrasound therapy or myomectomy and the pain can be dulled by ibuprofen, birth control pills and ablation; using radiofrequency energy to destroy tissue.

9. Some women with fibroids do not have difficulties with pregnancy but they might be some complications though. 1 or 2, out of a hundred infertility cases are caused by fibroids, as estimated by experts This could be due to the fact that fibroid changes the shape and size of the uterus which can affect the ability to get pregnant.

10. Black women are 2 or 3 times more likely to get fibroid and it could even be hereditary. Hereditary in the sense that you have an increased risk of fibroids if any family member had it.

So that testimony was a huge miracle after all.

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