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You’ll quit your job after seeing this 10 weird jobs and how much they pay

Desperate times call for desperate measures. You never really know what this means until you’re broke, without a dime to your name anywhere. That’s when your creative juices start flowing and you’ll hear people applying for jobs as Gumologists and fountain pen doctor. Apart from the fact that these weird jobs really exists, they pay surprisingly well. You’ll quit your job after seeing this 10 weird jobs and how much they pay.

So fellow Pitakwans, If you are abroad or travelled and cashless, no need for you to wash corpse – like we hear our brothers do over there – here are a list of pretty unconventional things that you could do to get loads of cash.

Sell your eggs

I mean eggs from a woman’s Ovaries and not a chickens egg right? Depending on the country you go to though, you can make some cool cash from selling your eggs by donating it. In England, it’s £750 pounds per cycle. And $8,000 in the US. So what are you waiting for? Sell an egg today, though I must add that it will require a lot of commitments, lots of injections and all but really who cares? These eggs shed every month anyways and the cramps are horrible.

Live mannequin

Yes. You’ll need to dress up and stand really still in a boutique. $100 per hour for that isn’t so bad is it?

Cruise ship entertainer

How cool would it be to go on a cruise Ship? And get paid for it? You’ll get paid about $3000-$4,500. You better start practicing how to juggle or belly dance or make animals out of balloons.

Food scientists

Just imagine someone giving you $66,400 per annum just to make sure food is safe and palatable. That’s like getting paid to party. The funny thing is that it’s one of the highest paying job in Hawaii, they pay $100,930 a year.

Sewer flusher

So I asked around and this nasty job gets like N30k or above in Pitakwa but £45,000 in Europe. Good pay for a nasty job.

Professional Queuer

Yes, it exists, you can get paid to stand in line for someone £20 per hour, so you can make up to £12,000 in a year. After standing for 30 minutes waiting to withdraw money under the hot sun in Choba, Uniport, tell me you’re not considering moving to Europe.

Waterslide tester

£20,000 a year to slide down waterslides? Where can I sign up? I’m ready to ‘Slide’ into millions.

Bed warmers

Hotels in Europe hire people to lie on beds to warm it up and make it cozy for about £16,000.

Face feeler

If there are Dog walkers, then you shouldn’t be surprised that they are face feelers. People actually get hired to feel faces. That’s why Gillette™ will proudly tell you that their product will give you a face smooth like a baby’s bum. Face feelers get paid about $10 to $25 an hour. So if you feel faces for 10 hours you could get like $250 a day, now convert that to Naira and multiply it by 30.

Pet food tester

As the name implies, you get to taste dog chow to determine if it’s up to par. You’ll think that’s nasty until you know how much you could make. $30,000 per annum for starters, then about $75,000 when you turn pro.

So what do you think? Which one are you willing to try?

I am, @Lord__Nina

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