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Negative Impact of Yelling on Child’s Development

It is very difficult for kids to deal with the negative impacts caused as a result of continuous exposure to yelling and shouting. Read on and learn more about the harmful effects of yelling at kids.

Yelling can create many negative impacts on the growth and development of kids. The harmful effects of yelling may cause deep scar on the tender minds of these little angels. By yelling you can control your child for a while but it will be very difficult for your child to get rid of the negativity which is developed within her. Let us have a look at the negative impacts caused due to yelling at kids.

Poor Academic Performance

Children often learn to tune out to shouting and they do so to protect themselves against emotional abuse. This defence mechanism affects them in a negative way in the long run as they find it difficult to concentrate on studies resulting into poor grades deterioration in the level of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Feeling of Loneliness

Shouting is a form of emotional abuse. Children who are exposed to this kind of emotional abuse for a long period of time feels that they are alone and do not have support of the important people in their life. This leads to emotional fallout and they start drifting to negative side of life.

Sense of Insecurity

Depending on what a parent is yelling, constant shouting can decrease the children`s feeling of safety and security. Yelling and shouting can even lead to mental disorders as well as detachment issues as a child gets older.

Poor Social Skills

Too much exposure to yelling or shouting makes a child timid and shy. Such a child struggles with developing friendships. It also damages the ability of a child to deal with conflicts making her withdraw from difficult situations rather than effectively solving them.

Concentration Problems

Children who have been exposed to yelling for a long stretch of time face concentration problems. Yelling at kids is a kind of emotional abuse and lack of concentration is a result of prolonged emotional abuse.

Poor Self Confidence

It is impossible for a child to develop a healthy sense of self when he is exposed to yelling on a frequent basis. Self-confidence depends on seeing oneself as a respected, valued and loved individual. Researchers state that kids who are exposed to shouting suffer from a crippled self-image.

Development of Aggressive Behavior

If kids are yelled at frequently they are likely to show aggressive behavior. These kids encounter problems in social situations like during interacting with their peers. Children exposed to yelling need to be handled in a sensible way. They need to be taught how to manage the anger built in them as a result of the abuse they have endured.

Development of Fear

Many children who are exposed to continuous yelling become fearful. It is difficult for children to get rid of fearful attitude development in them due to prolonged shouting and screaming at them.

Low Self-Esteem

Too much shouting not only creates a rift in the relation between children and parents, it can also damage the developing self-esteem of a child. When children are shouted at on a continuous basis, they begin to develop a feeling that they are not good enough, which impairs their self-esteem and confidence.

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