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Yummy Mummy in Port Harcourt

Most women spend all their spinster life looking good, they wear the nicest clothes, make the most fashionable hair, they ensure everything is on flick.

Then they get married, and start giving out most of their fashionable attires and switch to Aso okes and bubas.

By the time the first baby comes, they’ve completely forgotten what it means to look good. They only live for their baby and to them that means ditching anything that would remotely make them look hot and tying wrappers around their chest all day.

Here’s a shocker to women like that, your child won’t turn out horrible if you go to the salon at least twice a month or wear a good pair of jeans. Looking sexy doesn’t make you a bad mother. As a matter of fact, looking tacky does.

Yummy Mummy in Port Harcourt

So throw away that worn wrapper, do these 7 easy things and turn yourself from that kinda mom to a MILF kinda mom. You still have a husband to look good for even if you feel you don’t deserve to look good for yourself.


All that fat you’re storing up will not disappear, unless you do something about it. So when the baby is napping use the treadmill and for God’s sakes eat healthy.

Get yourself a good bra

The miracle a good bra does to a woman’s body cannot be over emphasized. Get yourself a fitting bra and marvel at what it does for your waistline. Hint; it slims it.

Add a personal touch

Get yourself a new signature style, hopefully something you haven’t tried before but something you’ll feel comfortable and sexy in, could be a hat, sunglasses, sneakers, anything, find it and rock it. Who says a mum can’t wear anything she wants? Have you seen Kim Kardashian?

Get a new hairstyle

Yes I know, one million braid suits you, yes I also know you don’t like to experiment and you’re scared another hair style won’t suit you. But believe me, try something else, it will suit you. You don’t have to get all adventurous and get a Mohawk. (if you can though, you’re my hero) you can change a hairstylist and let her try something different, but safe. Change your look a little.

Make up

You might not know how to highlight and contour (if you can, you’re my hero too) but you can at least learn how to draw a nice brow, thank God for YouTube tutorial videos. Go to a good salon to trim your eyebrow and everything will be easier. Get a good foundation, concealer and the rest. Nobody said you should forget powder and lip gloss because of your baby. Na your own bad pass?

Manicure and pedicure

For those screaming I don’t have time, my baby won’t let me rest. You can get home service for all these beauty treatments. You’re a mother, not a rag, you had a child and that should be celebrated, so treat yourself to some nice mani and pedi. Put electric blue on your toes or something vibrant. Feel alive.

Dig out that LBD

Remind your husband who you married how beautiful you are by wearing that hot number that used to drive him crazy. You’re both parents, a baby didn’t make you a robot.

Try and have fun. Being a yummy mummy is not so hard.

You get what I’m saying right?

I am, @Lord__Nina

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