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Sex During Pregnancy

There are two things an expectant couple needs to bring to the bedroom when contemplating sex during pregnancy. Especially when the female is in her last trimester, huge, wobbly and unsteady on her feet. Your hormones are raging and sometimes you want to drag him by the hand and make some sweet love to him while at other times you just want to drag his eyeballs out because…., you don’t know, he just seemed so annoying at the time and then you burst into tears because he can’t understand why you’re feeling this way and neither do he. Pregnancy is a rollercoaster of emotions that’s for sure.

Sex in pregnancy is a lot of work. Nerves are all over the place, the dad-to-be is trying to find the perfect position that won’t give him cramps and is worried that he’ll hit his unborn baby’s head while the mum-to-be is expecting to go into labour every time she has an orgasm and is conscious of the huge belly in between making everything seem clumsy and unsexy.

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Here is some good news for pregnant women though. Chances are your man still finds you attractive more that he did when you were without child. Why? It’s an ego thing really. He put you in that position, it’s his child growing and living inside of you, its proof of his virility and if he didn’t own you before now, he has cuffed you with child so believe me, he loves it. And the sex outside all the stress seems better because he’s paying more attention to your body and if he can’t show the emotions with his words, he makes up for it physically plus there is an increase of blood flow to the pelvic area that heightens sexual sensations.

So should you have sex whilst pregnant? If your doctor okays it, why the heck not? He has to declare you fit and healthy, he has to give you the go ahead to have intercourse especially in your third trimester.

Sex daily

First trimester – I proclaim that this is absolutely the most horrible time to get involved in any sexual activity. Although, our lady parts are extra sensitive, so you might be deceived into thinking they’re up to it, but it’s a lie. You might be going through a phase of constant fatigue. You really might not be interested, but if you are, there’s no ban on any sexual position. Your tummy is still flat and there’s little or no bump so carry on, you can get all acrobatic and creative.

Second trimester – this is called the honeymoon stage because it’s a break from the sickly first trimester. You’re done with the morning sickness and you’re not as tired as before. Basically, sexy has come back with a sister. Your bump is now visible though but it’s still cute and not so much in the way. Forget the missionary position; lying flat on your back is a No No.

Third trimester – This is where the open mind and sense of humour come to play. No matter what position you opt for, your stomach is huge and going to be in the way, You won’t be able to move gracefully again so forget it. Mr Dad is going to have to wait for you to catch your breath occasionally. And chances are, you may need to use one hand to support your lower tummy in-between thrusts. It’s really stressful but in a normal and safe pregnancy, doctors recommend sex. It helps prepare you for labour.

Skin Care

Sex in a normal pregnancy will not trigger labour and won’t hurt the baby. If you get cramps right after intercourse or you see some blood, you know you should call your doctor immediately right? Don’t take chances and don’t Google symptoms. Your little one would most likely move about a bit after you’ve had an orgasm but that’s okay, he’s wondering what all those tremors were. He feels no discomfort so relax.


Spooning – Lay on your side with your partner behind. This is the best and safest in my opinion as there is absolutely no weight on your belly and it gives daddy a chance to cuddle his little one and his big one at the same time.

Cowgirl – you on top facing him

Reverse cowgirl –you on top backing him

Hands and Knees – Think doggy style, but with you on your hands and knees. Be sure to control the depth of penetration to avoid discomfort especially in the 3rd trimester.

Sit and Stare – sit your man down and straddle him, Kinda like the cowgirl but more comfortable if you asked me.

… And you know whatever else your enormous belly lets you try out, enjoy. Just avoid laying flat on your back and be sure to speak to your doctor first.

Peace, Love and Abu

Ms Ssygala, is the mother of two rambunctious kids and blogging is her last line to sanity

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