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Guys this is what it means if you see blood in your urine

What does it mean when a guy sees red in his pee rather than yellow? – or white or whatever the colour of men pee is. Sometimes it might be blood, somethings it might be some foods; foods like berries can change your pee color. The only way to know whether it’s blood or food (since you can’t taste it) is to go to a doctor and run tests.

If you sight blood in your urine it’s actually serious, so be very afraid. The medical term is gross hematuria and the color of the blood may range from slight pink to brown to thick dark clots. So don’t just relax till it looks dark red.

In a study, 47% of people who had gross hematuria were diagnosed with a kidney or urinary health problem and 41% out of the 47 had bladder cancer.

If peeing blood is associated with pain, fever or chills, it might possible be an infection or kidney stones, but if the bleeding is accompanied with no pain, it might be cancer. ( see why I said you should be afraid?)

Here are some potential causes of visible blood in the urine according to a Dr. Norouzi.

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Like I noted earlier, pain, fever or chills accompanied by gross hematuria could point to infections and here’s how infection can make you bleed; when germs invade your bladder or prostrate, your body’s natural inflammatory response to fight them off can cause bleeding.


Injuries, like traumas can cause you to pee blood. If you receive a kick to your kidneys and maybe it gets torn or cut the blood may seep into the tissue around it and make its way to your urine.

Kidney stones

The tissues on the insides are much more tender than those on the outside and so they obviously bleed more easily. Kidney stones create frictions as they rub against the soft tissues of your organs and create wears and tears which could in turn lead to blood in the urine.


Cancerous cells in your bladder, kidneys or urethra can disrupt healthy tissues and cause bleeding, these cancerous cells grow quickly too and demand large blood supply the new tiny vessels that sprout up to feed them often break and leak blood too.

Strenuous exercises

Doctors are not sure why but exercising vigorously especially long distance running can produce visible bleeding. They think it’s because such activities cause minor damage to your bladders or cause your body to break down red blood cells.

Don’t ignore that red spot in your urine, if you flush it and try to ignore it you might just complicate your issue so please see a doctor immediately.

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  1. Hi I need your help! I been bleeding like that for the past 2 months every time I get my period. I’ve went to the doctors but one they don’t know what it is and 2 that can’t do more unless I have insurance. I’m just concerned because it’s not a normal period I been having.


    • Diana, don’t ignore it, please see a doctor immediately. Try to get all assistance you can get from Government hospitals or Health insurrance companies. You will find a solution.


  2. Charlotte Furia says

    How are you now? Can we have an update? I hope things are much better
    Best wishes though 🙂


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