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Child Abuse: I Am Innocent

I was barely twelve at the time. Mama had sent me to buy some food items. I remember what I wore that day; a short skirt but not so short and an oversized t-shirt. Mama never let me wear anything clingy because my body was slightly developed for a twelve-year old. I walked very quickly because Mama needed the items urgently.

I was already close to the market when I reached in my pockets and realized I had forgotten the money Mama gave me. Disgruntled, I stood at the same spot for a few seconds cursing my forgetfulness. Just then, a motorcycle drove past me. The driver screamed, “Comot for road!” very loudly as he rode past. I made to quickly jump out of the road when a hand swept across the road and smacked me hard in the buttocks. I was dumbfounded. The man in the passenger seat of the bike had smacked my ass. I stood at the same spot trying to grasped what had just happened. Everyone seemed to not have noticed what had happened or just continued about their business like it was routine. I couldn’t believe that another person, a man I’d never seen in my life had just slapped my ass.

I was twelve-year old at that time, a kid. I remember feeling very violated. How can a man slap my ass? Why would he do that? I dragged down my t-shirt to cover my buttocks a little more. I turned around and began heading home. I heard people talking randomly. I couldn’t make out what anyone of them was saying, but in my head I was certain they were talking about me. Laughing and mocking me. The voices grew louder in my head. I couldn’t make out any words but I was certain they were laughing. Laughing loudly at me.

I ran. Like I’d never run before. I remember getting home panting. Mama had asked me what happened but I didn’t tell her. I only told her that I had forgotten the money and she had hissed and cursed me out. I walked very slowly back to the market, careful so my butt does not draw any more attention to itself.

Miss Chioma, an occasional Port Harcourt resident, writes unbelievable tales about her experiences, when she’s not vloging about books and movies

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