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3 Things that are falling apart in Port Harcourt

These times are challenging. A lot of people struggle to provide food on their table, there is no constant power supply in so many parts of Port Harcourt and people sleep with one eye open in some areas of Rivers State due to challenging security situation. The good news is that Pitakwa people who are resilient, find ways to solve these challenging situations. This post is about these things that is falling apart in Port Harcourt and what can be done.

Cost of food is very high

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I interviewed some people to find out how they have been coping. The result is alarming. 1,000 naira can only buy nine cups of uncooked rice. Cost of food stuffs is so high that one begins to think of going into food business. This is one way to solve this problem. Ones you do business in the food sector of the economy,  there will be surplus food and prices will come down. So what are you waiting for? Have you been looking for something profitable to do?  Here is a market research information that food business is now very profitable. People will always eat, so don’t worry about long term prospects in food business.

No Constant Power

With prices of PMS now officially 145 naira, diesel almost 200 naira and no constant power, life has become difficult for lots of people. Can’t we do something about this? I trust my brothers in business, who have taken advantage of this to innovate different types of generators. GeneratorThere is one now that uses cooking gas. I have not read any product review on this, so I am not recommending it for now, but this is a good innovation to supply power. What of solar power? It waste all day. Can’t big organization in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and Africa invest heavily in solar power? Nobody will do this for us. It’s time to invest in power sector. Let’s wake the sleeping giant in Africa up. I was opportuned to travel to most Hydro Power stations in Nigeria to see the challenges power stations are facing. Government investment on power is enormous. Power sector is one sector that is capital intensive. My advice is for us to protect this investments and continue to invest until we have 24/7 power supply.

PHCN Est Bills

What of PHCN bills? I wonder how somebody will stay in his/her office and give target of Revenue to be collected from customers without them properly paying for power consumed. Someone has been given estimated bills  to pay more than 16,000 naira per month for just one lighting point, and socket in a self contained apartment in Port Harcourt. When you go to the office to pay some part of it, they will tell you to bring the remaining. Pay all on what bases? By estimated bills?  Pitakwa residences pay with abeg. With this attitude of the authorities, we will never solve this problem. Residences will pay what they used and not what you want to collect from them. PHCN is not a donation. Stop donating to PHCN, they are not charity organisation.


Security is the business of everybody and not the for government alone. We have our role, the law enforcement agencies have their role while Government also have their role to play. It is collective responsibility of everybody. We must preach peace. Rivers State is not Rivers of Blood but Rivers of Peace. It’s time to resolve all security challenges. Do your part. Say No to violence of any kind.

This is not Chinua Achebe novel, Things Fall Apart, it just a thought from someone who cares. Share it to support the campaign.

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