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23 of my personal DEAL BREAKERS FOR WOMEN

A relationship deal breaker is something you don’t like and can’t ignore in your partner. Women usually notice some of these things from the first date but they ignore and continue dating the guy, some even end up marrying him and in turn end up divorcing him because she chose to ignore all the signs. If someone is getting an A+ on your list of deal breakers, continuing a relationship with that person will only lead to heart break.


Below are 23 of the most popular deal breakers most women notice in men


An unreliable man won’t be there when you need him most.  As a woman I like to know that I can count on my man to come through for me emotionally, financially, physically etc. If I can’t get that with you then its Sayonara!


I consider men who brag as weak. They aren’t confident in themselves so they need to boast about the things they own and their accomplishments for attention, adulation or both. I don’t like that.


I find it disrespectful for a man to have a woman and still be flirting around, for me it’s a cry for attention. They like having different girls surround them because it makes them feel macho and sexy. I was with a guy once and every time a girl walked past us, his eyes went with her. It was so embarrassing; I had to keep calling his attention back to me. He never saw me after that day. Bye Felicia.


I’m quite sure I’m not the only woman who thinks this is a disgusting habit. Men that snore are repugnant. Sorry, but not sorry


I don’t like a man who has no values and morals. He will cheat on you because he doesn’t see anything wrong. I like decent men, men who have boundaries and principles. It is very sexy.


Deal breaker for me is a weak man. I won’t date a man who lets people walk all over him, finds it hard to take a stand and lets other people make his decisions for him.


I was so busy at work some day, so when my boyfriend (at the time) called me, I asked him to please send me lunch. He said that’s not a man’s job and that the woman is supposed to get the man food. I was weak but I thought it was a joke. With time, I found out he really was of the school of thought that believed women were put on earth to serve men. I wasted no time in ending that relationship.


I would call it quits if a man is in a relationship with his phone too. Social media just exposes us to a lot of mess and allows us feed our minds with all sorts. I can’t stay with a man who doesn’t understand the concept of dropping his phone before coming to bed. I don’t like men who can’t even drop their phones to have a conversation. It is so rude especially when I expect my man to be attentive.


A compassionate man can get me anytime any day. Kind men are such a turn on. I’m not talking about just being kind to their girlfriends, but showing kindness to random strangers. Every time my boyfriend does something kind, I start hearing wedding bells. Seriously

  1. BULLY

I won’t date a bully, someone that is cruel to people younger, smaller, not as rich or as smart as he is. When a man is a bully, I can just tell he was bullied and/or abused a child so he’s projecting. It is best not to get into that type of relationship because it often leads to physical and verbal abuse.


I can forgive being cheated on but I won’t be able to forget or get over it. Our society is trying to make cheating okay, meanwhile even the bible states adultery/fornication as sins and grounds for divorce. So that’s definitely a deal breaker for me.


I can give my man money and spoil him silly but of my own volition. I can’t stand men who beg me for money then when I say I don’t have they get an attitude like it’s their entitlement. Nasty attitude


I have 12 nephews and 5 nieces and I invited my fiancée over to meet them at my mum’s 70th. He cringed every time the little ones touched him and kept telling them to go play. Later, he told me he doesn’t know how to deal with kids younger than 10 and he doesn’t think he wants kids. I gave him back his ring that night. As a man you have to love kids so the chicks will like you. Only bitter people don’t like kids in my opinion.


When a man can’t say he loves me or doesn’t want to hold hands in public I get very uncomfortable. I love Love, I’m a sucker for it. I love surprises and cute notes. I love random kisses and unexpected hugs. Cold and frigid men are a no go area. At the same time, the romance can be too much, then it becomes choking and that’s another deal breaker.


How would a man be bold enough to say he doesn’t have a job?  The way life is these days, except you’re sleeping, there’s always a job opportunity. Be ambitious. If you can’t get an office job with your degree, be creative and find something else. But a man cannot be jobless and trying to get in a relationship with me. Not interested.

  1. BAD SEX

I will break things off with a man if the sex is not good or our libidos don’t correlate, because no matter how great the relationship is on the outside, the inside will be messier than dansukigate.


I am very spiritual and I enjoy sharing faith so when I meet a man who claims not to believe in God and starts asking me questions like “How do you know God exists” and expects me to defend my religion all the time, I cut him off. I will not date that sort of man.


When a man shows signs of being too possessive and jealous, I quickly break away from being emotionally involved with that individual. This is a scary trait for a man to have.


A deal breaker for me is when he talks about his ex all the time. My ex did this, my ex did that etc. I had to call my man to order like I don’t want to know and I don’t care about what your ex did and did not do. Go and date your ex then if you can’t seem to be able to get her out of your head. He quickly changed up.


My ex and his mum are so close so when she told him I wasn’t a good choice, he had to let me go. Lol. I will not date a man who is still entangled to his mother’s apron strings and does what she wants even if it means not standing up for me.

  1. BLUNT

Being forthright and being blunt are different. I don’t like people that say what they are thinking without caring if someone’s getting hurt by it. A man has to be sensitive enough to care about people’s feelings. Men mix up sensitivity for being vulnerable. I don’t even get why it’s a bad thing


I like my man looking sharp, clean shaved and smelling nice. If you are looking rough, dirty or scraggly. I won’t even give you a second look.


Dating a man who has no sense of humour is boring. I wouldn’t want to do that to myself. That’s the major deal breaker for me because everything else can be fixed somehow. But can you teach someone how to laugh? No, no you cant.

If you have any other deal breakers, drop them in the comment section.

Peace and Love

Ms Ssygala, is the mother of two rambunctious kids and blogging is her last line to sanity

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