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4 Ways to Trim you Natural Hair

When I started on my natural hair journey the thought of trimming my hair was like the longest shot ever. Trim which hair? After the struggle, spending days and nights grooming it and searching for ways to make it grow I’m now expected to voluntarily cut it? What a laugh! Everyone knows that 4c hair (4c hair is a kind of kinky hair texture) is the most difficult to manage so it sounded to me like a really big joke. However, now I know it’s really the best kept secret. I’m 2 years natural and I only started trimming my hair 6 months ago but I can say that was the best hair decision I have ever made. Trimming is not cutting. I had to make that my mantra the first time I was going to take the loose ends off. Trimming off loose ends allows for fuller ends. It gives the hair more space to grow and it reduces breakage.

How to Trim

People usually go to the salons to get their trim, but I’m one of those DIY folks so I do everything to my hair myself. To trim your natural hair, you need to get hair shears. Using just any scissors may end up damaging your ends. There are different methods to trim so just pick the one that works for you. I trim my hair every 3 months. Some people do every fortnight and others trim twice a year. That’s every 6 months. You listen to your hair and know when it needs a trim. You should trim when there is a lot of breaking, a lot of knots and loose tips that don’t curl in with the rest.

Awesome Hair Trimming methods:


Apply water and conditioner to your hair so it’s slick and droopy. Thereafter, get your shears out and hold a bit of hair between your fingers and trim off ½ an inch. You would notice the loose ends most when your hair is wet.


If you’re not willing to trim your entire hair, this method is good for you. Just stand in front of a mirror and take small sections of hair, look out for the wispy bits and knotty parts then trim and move on to the next section.


This is by far the easiest method for me. After doing the protective 2 strand twists, pick each one and just snip at the ends. There is bound to be loose ends. Again, half an inch would do.


This is also another really great method because when your hair is straightened, you have accurate ends. Although I don’t subscribe to heat on hair, (especially for those of us with 4c hair), so I stay away from this as tempting as it is. After you have straightened your hair with a flat iron, part your hair in little sections and trim.

Trimming hair is like a farmer taking the weed out of his farm. If he doesn’t, the weed will be sure to choke the healthy plants and stall their growth. Be sure to pin or tie off the hair that has been trimmed so you don’t trim twice and end up having uneven hair. (This advice is straight outta experience) Thank me later for your growth retention J

Peace, Love and lots of curls.

Ms Ssygala, is the mother of two rambunctious kids and blogging is her last line to sanity

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