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Beamer, Benz and Bentley

The month of December every year saw the commencement of my annual laundry service. I started my business when I was 13 but it only came into its name the year I turned 18.

Before I tell you the rather interesting story behind the name, I think it’s appropriate that I explained what my company does. Well, we cater to the laundry needs of two relatives; Uncle Jim and Uncle Pat. Yup, that’s it really. Every year on the month of December, my family joined my other relatives at our family house in Port Harcourt to celebrate the holidays. During that time, I and my brother did the laundry of my two richest uncles. Well, he did most of the washing and I, mostly did the pandering.

Uncle Jim is a pharmacist in the US and Uncle Pat is an oil marketer in Warri. They have very little in common except that they are both rich. Uncle Pat is slightly richer though, but who’s counting. The interesting thing about these two men is; you could never wash a pair of jeans that belonged to either Uncle Jim or Uncle Pat without finding a reasonable sum of money in it. Great business venture, I dare say.

Well, our business went unnamed for years until one lovely afternoon in our home in Lagos, a music video came on and the song went;

Beamer, Benz and Bentley

My Jeans are never empty.

I just off-handedly said “Like Uncle Pat and Uncle Jim” and my oh so genius brother picked it up.

“Why don’t we call our business, Beamer, Benz and Bentley?” the little genius said. And there you have it; the birth of a franchise.

The great thing is, you’re never too old your wash your rich uncle’s clothes. Our competition at the moment are those damn washing machines. It’s us against technology at this time but, what we lack in speed and efficiency, we make up in our ability to smile and make adorable conversation. Take that, technology!

We’re looking to expand, so if you have rich uncles and daddies, Beamer, Benz and Bentley could be coming to a neighborhood near you!

Miss Chioma, an occasional Port Harcourt resident, writes unbelievable tales about her experiences, when she’s not vloging about books and movies

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