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6 Really Important Things Jobless People Do Everyday

Joblessness! That’s what a lot of us are battling with these days. We have succeeded in graduating after a terrible four or more years in the university. Some of you may be done with your National Youth Service; but if you are like me then it means that you are still waiting to be mobilized and deployed. Either ways, most of us are looking for jobs. But as we do not have experiences yet, it might be hard to get a job; and even harder to get the type we want. Hence our predicament; joblessness.

You know in this Nigeria, we tend to take offence when people call us Jobless, but, that’s really what we are; Job-less. We don’t have jobs.

Anyways, so here we are, jobless now; and for most of us, in our parents’ homes.

And with all that free time on our hands, there’s a lot of it to do some really important things everyday. For example:


I won’t even lie most of us sleep all day. I mean, there’s no job and NEPA aka PHCN haven’t been helping matters anyways. So we sleep and in this semi-comatose stage, we dream about our future, our plans and aspirations

People tend to think what we do all day is sleep. You aren’t totally wrong if you think that, but that’s not all we do.

See, sleep is good. It helps us plan.


For us foodies, we tend to eat a lot. It’s been proven that boredom makes one eat a lot more than normal. So for someone sitting at home, in a house full of food, it’s expected that you would eat, right? Only wrong thing here is we then add a lot of weight. But we’ll burn all that fat when we start work. Right?

Surrounded by food, we tend to perfect our culinary skills too. We learn how to make things we normally wouldn’t if we were too busy with some work in the office.


Yes!!! This is one of our saviours. Thank God for movies! If it wasn’t for the Almighty TV, DVD, Cable TV, and Laptop, we would just have wasted away. We jobless people are masters of the television series. There’s practically nothing we wouldn’t be interested in watching. You’ll notice even people with low interest in television find themselves keeping busy with movies.

And believe it or not, all movies aren’t all about guns and nudity, there are actually educational movies that teach albeit indirectly.


Obviously I’m not talking about textbooks, we read a lot of novels this period and it helps to keep our brains in good shape. Funny enough, some people still read their textbooks. And others find things to read, newspapers, journals, magazines. Books are really interesting when you don’t have anything doing believe me. You should try it. Take up a book and read this week.

Develop new skills

Half of my jobless friends have started developing some skills or the other; some sew now, some others have gone to makeup schools. This period of joblessness is usually when you get to explore, see what you’re good at and try to develop it. We probably wouldn’t have even realized we had these interests if we had jobs. Most fashion designers, hairdressers, makeup artists are making a lot of money from their skills, so who is going to say that we wouldn’t make more money if we developed whatever skill we have or are interested in?

Some of us learn to how drive a car, how to use some computer programmes, how to paint etc. Some of us also follow our parents to work where we have the opportunity to learn about the business.


I mean social media here. We jobless ones are usually the ones on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so on – 24/7. What do you expect, we don’t have jobs.

Social media can be as educative as it is fun. Even if you don’t like to watch news, you can stay updated on what is happening in the world. These platforms make the news interesting for us; it helps us relate and air our views. Twitter for example, has helped people get lots of jobs and start new businesses sef.

Oh, we get a lot of time on our hands to socialize in real life too.

Above all, the most important thing Jobless people do all day is to find a way not to be jobless. Yes, we are constantly looking for jobs or what to do. Some of us don’t even mind if it would be an unpaid job, we would just like to have something to keep us busy every day, so that when people say TGIF, we would say it too and it would actually mean something.

It’s not that bad being jobless; is it? At least we get to wake up whenever we want.

If you feel I missed something vital we jobless people do, please be sure to drop a comment and let the world know what we do all day.

I am, @Lord__Nina

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