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15 Stay Home Date Ideas for you and your partner

When my man and I started dating, we had a lot of fun nights. The memories still make me laugh out loud randomly. Great times I tell ya! Today, life and responsibilities just seem to have gotten in the way but we always try to find some time to spend together and when we can’t go out, we go on a date without actually going anywhere. Strange but true, yeah you can have a cute and romantic date at home with your partner without leaving your house. We pick a night where no phones or laptops are allowed, just both of us enjoying each other’s company. If you have kids, don’t worry that’s not even a hitch. They can spend the night with grandma or their favourite aunt… Or just wait till they’re asleep.

Creativity and an open mind is all you need. Your partner must be willing to go along otherwise there’s no fun and there’s no point. We have not run through the entire list, but we’re getting there and adding some more. Try not to repeat a date so soon after, no matter how much you both enjoyed it. Experience has taught me that you can’t recreate a fun experience; it’s never as fun as the first time.

  1. Drinking games – This is obviously for drinking couples. Games like Concentration, Never have I… etc Will not only leave you in stitches but will also help you learn stuff about your partner. If both of you are the real rock and rolla of alcohol then the next idea is for you too.

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  1. Wine Tasting – It doesn’t exactly have to be wine. It can be whiskey, vodka or beer. Just line up a few drinks and taste them to the bottom. Don’t forget your pen and paper. You’re writing a review, not drinking for fun *pokerface*
  1. Youtube Karaoke night – This is actually a real thing. YouTube will give you the instrumentals and write the lyrics for you. Just dim the lights and if you have a projector, even better. Grab a make shift mic and channel your inner Beyonce.
  1. Youtube dancing class – Lol, yeah… the foxtrot, hit the quan, salsa, waltz etc whatever strikes your fancy at the time. Both of you should pick a dance and learn it. To make it even more interesting, make sure you’re dressed the part. 
  1. Picnic – Need I say more? Grab a blanket and paper plates because who does dishes after picnicking? You can go outside if you have a terrace or a big balcony. Otherwise just spread the blankie in the living room and eat finger food.

 pitakwa times couple at home dinner

  1. Candle light dinner with wine and shrimps, the whole 9 yards – This is my favourite. Get dressed up like you’re going out, spray on some perfume, set the table, Light the candles, play some soft music and be cute together. Make sure dinner is exotic and different from what you have regularly. It’s guaranteed to go down tonight. 
  1. Bubble bath – Oh sorry this is my favourite. Do I have to explain? Okay. Again with the candles, the wine and the music. Get some nice smelling bath gels, add a few drops of soothing oils then soak up and relax. This is where the proverbial “I wash your back you wash my back” comes to play.
  1. Popcorn movie marathon – For the film loving couple. Download 3 – 5 movies that you would both enjoy and binge watch.
  1. Club night – If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed… make a playlist of all the danceable songs you both enjoy and turn your living room into the hottest club in town. Don’t forget small chops. You know you’d get hungry after all that dancing.
  1. Stargazing – sounds like soapy BS right? It really isn’t. If you can find a nice spot to be outdoors by midnight, you and your partner can stare at the sky, bingeing on ice-cream or whatever goodies you have. Relieve memories and reconnect.

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  1. Themed night – Pick a theme and go by it. French theme? Get croissants and put on your best French accent and outfit for the night. There can be a fine for the first person that forgets to speak in their newly acquired accent. 
  1. Blind taste test – One person is blindfolded while the other is making them taste different items to guess what they are. It can be a pen, doesn’t have to stop at edibles.

  1. Dream together – I really like food so no matter the date, food must be involved. You can do breakfast in bed for this one. Talk about your dreams, where you want to be and what you want to be doing in the next 5 years, create a bucket list together or plan a vacation. Just communicate. 
  1. Horror movie – Pick the scariest movie neither of you have seen yet. Turn out the lights; get some food, drinks and a blanket. Cuddle up and be ready to be scared shxxless. 
  1. Paint together – Get a canvass and start painting at different ends. Make a play list and after each song ends, turn the canvass over and switch sides. The more abstract the better.

Knowing what your partner likes and dislikes is a huge plus to creating your home date idea list. You can sit together to make the list or you both make a different one and take turns in saying how the night is going to go. Whatever the case, I wish you lots of Peace, fun and Love


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